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Best Multisport Watches

The GPS multisport watch combines specialized tactical functions with intelligent outdoor navigation and sports training functions. With this, it offers you everything you need for multiple sports such as running, cycling, hiking, golf, swimming, snorkeling or triathlon. That way it becomes a very interesting option if you are an athlete who loves more than one specialty .

Garmin has long been the market leader for multisport watches, but if you don’t want to pay their prices, there are some worthy competitors. Make sure to prioritize what you want from your multisport watch, as the most expensive devices don’t necessarily mean they’re the best for you.

And although your activity is not so common, you have complete smart devices capable of helping you develop it. You can find, for example, a GPS watch that combines several forms of tracking, for mountain, trail run, mountain bike, paddle surf, swimming, diving and water sports or aviation.

Suunto AMBIT3 HR

For swimming, cycling, trail running, mountain biking.

It is a multisport GPS watch for various activities, with heart rate monitoring to keep track of your sport. It has a range of 15 hours in GPS mode and gives you information on speed, pace, distance, altitude, route navigation and the backtracking function.

The accuracy of its built-in GPS is 5 seconds. It has a planner for exercise intervals and recovery time according to the activity. On the other hand, you will get the altitude profile of your route directly on the clock with accumulated altitude in real time.

All this thanks to the built-in barometric pressure that accurately monitors your ascent. It also offers heart rate data when swimming and bike power function (Bluetooth Smart), although not ANT +. Suunto Movescount App is your application and it is compatible with the Stryd Running Powermeter. It also shows mobile notifications, you can add photos and share your experience on social networks.

In short, a multisport watch that provides data from several sports in a single record. And above all, it is ideal for use in the mountains.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

For advanced athletes and triathletes.

This Garmin model could be the first multisport GPS watch. Especially if you are looking for advanced data and maximum performance without sacrificing comfort.

Ideal for training with total freedom, without the need for a heart rate monitor, as it uses a Garmin Elevate heart rate sensor on the wrist.

It also acts as an activity monitor and counts your steps, calories and sleep. However, if you want to get advanced data, you can use the RUN, TRI and SWIM strap heart rate monitors.

A triathlon Watch With The Best Value For Money

With them you will obtain heart rate in each sport and data of running and cycling dynamics for detailed analysis of your performance. Among the functions it offers are the estimation of VO2 maximum, running forecast, recovery control and lactate threshold, the estimated level of effort or pace. When a runner exceeds that threshold, fatigue begins to mount at an accelerated rate.

It only weighs 40 grams and has a thin casing that differentiates it from other large multisport watches. It also keeps you connected through smart notifications. With it you will get the data you need to exceed your results.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 / 4S

A smartwatch for fitness, golf, hiking, running, swimming or cycling

Packed with features, the Vivoactive 4 comes in two sizes and has music playback as standard. The S variant is designed for them and them with smaller wrists.

It also has a Pulse Ox sensor to measure oxygen saturation in the blood, to name a few of its standout features. Your blood O2 level can be helpful in determining when you’ve acclimatized to altitude on hiking expeditions.

However, the best of all is that its price is lower than that of other similar ones. So it could be the best smart sports watch of the year.

The Authentic Sports Smartwatch

Among the standard metrics such as steps and heart rate, it also offers menstrual cycle tracking, hydration, and respiration tracking. Garmin seems to have fixed the minor shortcomings of the previous model, the Vivoactive 3.

That makes it a smartwatch oriented to running, fitness, cardio, golf, cycling, paddle surfing and amateur athletes in general. The Vivoactive 4 looks great, includes many more sports features, and has everything to keep you connected for your day.

It has the Garmin Pay application, so you can make payments with your watch, music playback including Spotify, stress tracking throughout the day and body battery and is available in four colors.

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