Is Hybridization The Definitive Solution For Ecommerce

Is Hybridization The Definitive Solution For Ecommerce?

Is Hybridization The Definitive Solution For Ecommerce : Dabos is among the entrepreneurs with an ecommerce in the project area in which they embark and develop the most. The reports made by different entities predict a constant and progressive growth of ecommerce. However, they also claim that the physical store is not dead. Do you know to the showroom?

Showrooming is the purchase process in which the customer examines the product, investigates it, or considers it in the establishment to later buy it through a mobile electronic device, either in the same store or at home after considering other comparisons made. via the Internet.

This mode of purchase indissolubly unites the online with the physical. The physical store does not disappear because consumers like to see the physical product, hold it in their hands and, especially in the case of clothing and accessories, try them on.

According to the Showrooming study carried out by Yahoo, 55% of users who visited an establishment subsequently investigated more about the product through the Internet. Specifically, 36% of Smartphone users did showrooming in the store.

The Report Of This Same Survey Tells Us That:

65% of consumers go to the establishment to buy the product.

63% only want to see the object of purchase.

43% want to compare prices.

34% go to the store to handle the product.

37% go to talk to the clerk.

This last factor continues to be a great attraction offline. People want to put a face to the seller, in this way the level of trust increases.

Any change that affects deep-rooted customs, such as the way of consuming, takes time, which is why at the School of Business and Management we wanted to interview Luis Aguado, CEO of Dabos, who defines his business proposal in the fashion sector as the first “Online Instore”. Dabos is a hybridization model whose objective is to establish online shopping without giving up the physical establishment.

Luis Aguado tells us that he created this eCommerce with a physical store because he saw that there was an unmet need. A need that he himself suffered. For him, showrooming has come to stay. However, Dabos is a hybrid model because he has had to adapt to customer reactions and demands. He thus told us how the project was conceived:

And it is that although the trend is online commerce and showrooming, the truth is that we are in a period of adaptation and the mission of every entrepreneur is to facilitate this process for the consumer. Flexibility is essential to be able to react to demand and, without losing the essence and direction of our brand, adapt. Luis Aguado tells us how they have done it:

Although Dabos arises to bring electronic commerce closer to the customer, due to the demand of its consumers, it offers them the possibility of making the purchase online, but instead of having the order brought to them, they can pick it up in the store. On the other hand, there is the option to buy it online on the store’s tablets and take the product in the bag.

One of the business areas that require decision-making power when starting e-commerce, a showroom, or a physical store is how to deal with stock and storage. Luis Aguado informs us of how they have managed this in Dabos.

On the other hand, one of the biggest challenges facing an online business or one that combines online and offline is logistics. Delivery times, returns, and choosing transport companies, are elements that many sales processes can decide on their own. 

Let’s See What Solutions Have Applied:

It is frustrating to have to wait for something that I have just tried on, there are people who prefer to receive the package well wrapped and brand new at home. Luis Aguado already gives us one of the keys, apart from the fundamental one which is to offer alternatives in a period of change, one of the ways that are pointed out to make the customer not mind waiting for the shipment is the packaging. Packaging, as we have already discussed in previous posts, is an essential element because it represents your brand and if it is beautiful and attractive, the customer will want to receive it.

After all the data and what has been discussed, we leave you with Luis Aguado’s point of view about whether Spanish society is prepared to embrace eCommerce.


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