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Female Leadership | The Advancement Of Female Leadership

Little by little, female leadership is advancing. After years of paralysis, the number of women managers in our country is gaining momentum again, although not equally in all sectors. companies, whether listed, large, medium or small, currently concentrate 34% of women managers, who carry out their work in positions of high hierarchical relevance.

We are facing the best data of the last five years. The positive inflection improves even more if we look at the number of companies that already have at least one woman in charge. According to the main results of the latest report “Women In Business: Towards a real advance” carried out by Grant Thornton, a brand new 87% of companies already have a woman as a manager.

A figure that in 2021 was reduced to 67%, which further reinforces the results of this report and suggests that  businessmen have once again internalized the importance of taking positive steps when training diverse management staff.

But in the legal sector, the data is not so positive. It is true that year after year the figures are growing, but they continue to grow too slowly and in a very small proportion.

According to the report prepared by the Women in a Legal World Association, in a count of the managing partners of the main law firms , 91 are men (94.7%) and there are only five women (5.3%).

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Regarding the institutional world, the Bar Associations, although they have a very similar number of lawyers, 130,329 (51.7%) and 121,505 (48.3%), respectively, the elected deans, represent 85.6 % (71), in the case of men, and only 14.4% (12), are women.

In the case of attorneys, the imbalance in collegiate deanships is also significant, because although more women exercise, 6,623 (66.9%), than men, 3,265 (33.1%), the number of deans amounts to 39 ( 58.2%), compared to 28 deans (41.8%).

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The governing bodies of the judicial career are made up of 588 men (61.6%) and 366 women (38.4%), of the twelve magistrates of the Constitutional Court, ten are men (88%) and two women (12 %), and in the Supreme Court, of the total of 77, 61 are men (79.2%) and 16 women (20.8%).

With regard to the Prosecutor’s career, the report highlights that although 65% of prosecutors are women (1,659) compared to 35% of men (894), managers in the Public Prosecutor’s Office account for 62% of men (74 ), compared to 38% of women (45).

As for women university presidents, the figures also leave much to be desired. In the public universities, we have 9 women and 41 men and in the private ones, we also have 9 women and 15 men.

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Female leadership, according to Jessica Bayón, professor of the Official Master’s Degree in People Management and Management at ENyD, “is characterized by the effectiveness and efficiency in creating highly efficient work teams, and by their ability to make decisions in times of crisis or contingencies ”. 

How Does It Work? 

With special and successful diligence in his interpersonal communication, the search for consensus, and the triple win WIN-WIN-WIN. It is essential to consider these skills that are innate, unique, and especially delicate with recognition, joint effort, and improvement of the feeling of belonging that, without a doubt, is reflected in organizational results.

Combining the most exceptional and extraordinary skills, abilities, and attitudes of each gender, “will allow greater effectiveness and stronger potential of business managers.” These statements are scientifically studied through data provided by people led by women or men. Combining what is different, and what is complementary, will allow enhancing the results.

Numerous studies have shown that management teams that are not exclusively made up of men help business profitability. Also having Equality Plans and policies that formalize the diverse vision helps catapult more women managers.

Many companies are promoting female leadership, through a decided push for gender diversity in their workforces, which is already bringing them business, reputational and emotional benefits, so important in an unpredictable digital environment, where few things remain, but that is true and develop with conviction is capable of uniting wills and abilities.

Companies have a great responsibility and, at the same time, a great opportunity to reap the fruits of adequate organizational leadership. For a company to want to choose to improve and have multidisciplinary and transversal personal and professional skills, “it must start with an adequate attitude and awareness of change, get out of the comfort zone, and plan the changes that will be implemented in the short, medium and long term. ”, highlights the ENyD teacher.

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