Everything You Need To Know About WooCommerce-The Most Popular

Everything You Need To Know About WooCommerce-The Most Popular Ecommerce Environment

To achieve the goals of a business it is important to have a presence in the   most popular commercial channels ; This increasingly makes it necessary to have an  online store . Selling online is no longer a distant thing for companies but a real need. Best of all, there are  virtual platforms  that will facilitate this work, especially if you already have a  WordPress website . For this,  WooCommerce  is presented as an  extraordinary ecommerce solution  , both for businessmen, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

When we describe the term  ecommerce , it is quite common that many users at first do not know what it is about. Even that they do not know where to start or what to do to manage an  online store  effectively. For this reason, in this  post we  explain the most important aspects about the  WooCommerce environment . In this way you can obtain the best results if you decide to create your  online store  and thus reach a larger audience.

What Is WooCommerce ?

Woocommerce  is an online platform used to create e-commerce sites   on the Internet. It is installed as a  plugin for WordPress  and allows you to quickly start an  online business ; with the aim of being present on digital channels. It also offers multiple features such as Open Source (open source), Seo Friendly ( SEO friendly  ), among others.

It is a  free extension  that adds various features to your  WordPress CMS , as well as additional paid capabilities. Each of these utilities are focused on designing a tailor-made  ecommerce  through the  content manager .

WooCommerce And Its Success Story

In its early days,  WooCommerce  was not the core of its developers, Mark Forrester, Adii Pienaar, and Magnus Jepson. Actually, in 2007 the idea of ​​its creators was to design a new  template for WordPress . But after a few months they made their business model official and launched  WooThemes .

Due to the growing portfolio of business themes, your  target audience  needed more features. In this way, the entrepreneurs decided to venture into the development of plugins for the  WordPress CMS . It was then, when they created  WooCommerce , in 2011, allowing users to have an ecommerce plugin at their fingertips  .

This plugin quickly became one of the   most popular ecommerce plugins . After a while, and after exceeding 7 million downloads, the developers decided to go one step further. In pursuit of growth and looking to the future, they teamed up with  Automatic , the creator of  WordPress.com  and  Jetpack .

WooCommerce  already saw a promising path, not only because of its millions of downloads, but also because of its extensive growth.

Since its launch, this plugin has had the support of a large community of contributors and developers. Thanks to this, it has been able to continue to the present day, achieving that millions of stores are able to  sell products and services online .

WooCommerce Main Features

This  plugin  has many features to  manage a website  and turn it into an  e-commerce store . Therefore, here we detail the main characteristics:

Payment Methods

The  e-commerce platform  offers customers various  payment options  for added convenience. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce the cart abandonment rate since the  most common payment methods can be integrated  .

The  online payment methods  common in this plugin are  bank transfer  (BACS),  check  or  COD . In addition, it has 140  electronic gateways  available such as  Paypal , Redsys, Stripe, 2Checkout,  Amazon Pay ,  Google Pay , among others. In this way, with the help of  WooCommerce  you can have a  much more effective online shopping experience  

Constant Monitoring

With the help of monitoring, you can keep track of  abandoned carts  or sales on the web. It also helps to maintain contact with customers by email, during the last phases  of the sales funnel .


WooCommerce  allows you to  sell products and services  with the help of promotions. In addition, with these  promotions and discounts , you can activate countdowns or place  offers for a limited time , among others. There are many plugins that offer additional functionalities to get much more out of this  ecommerce environment .

Open Source

Open source favors the constant development of new contributions in the vast  WordPress ecosystem , which benefits the community. This Open Source model   also implies that you do not have to pay for a license to  create an online store ; In this way, costs are lowered and we can start  selling online  without having to make large outlays as is the case with other types of  ecommerce environments  on the market.

Product management

WooCommerce  facilitates the management of  the product catalog  and the way to present them in the  online store . You can easily organize the products, create them, modify them, group them by categories, attributes or variations … The possibilities are unlimited thanks to the large number of  free  and paid plugins available.

SEO Friendly

Being integrated with  WordPress , it benefits from the great SEO Friendly potential   that distinguishes this CMS. In this sense, it allows great  search engine optimization  to ensure that our store achieves good  web positioning . In this way, you will have a better chance of increasing your  online sales .


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