In Depth:Tech Trends For 2021

In this article, we present you the changes and tech trends that are going to happen in 2021.

Migration to the cloud, the deployment of 5G, the rise of the Internet of Things, the increasing automation or the evolution of artificial intelligence are some of the trends that will mark the technological step in 2021.

IoT Expansion

Gallego explains that “the adoption of IoT devices, from smart home security monitoring systems to drones and medical devices, is expected to continue to grow as consumers and businesses move to take advantage of high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and the fundamentally new network capabilities that 5G mobile networks enable ”.

In line with this, he points out that “the issue of security takes on special relevance.” “The protection of IoT devices and the connectivity infrastructure that supports them will be a key factor in ensuring the success of digitization and automation of operations and processes in industrial sectors,” he details.

New Ways Of Working

The pandemic has marked a before and after for remote work. Companies that have not yet migrated to the cloud are sure to take the plunge this year. IDC claims that 30% of employees will work from home in 2021 . At the same time, he points out that 38% of organizations will encourage more work from home and will adjust spending on information technology (IT) to support it. In addition, almost half (47%) of companies will add or expand work from home to their human resources policy.The tech world shows us every possible which way in this modern era.

Increasing Automation

IDC predicts that 45% of repetitive tasks in large companies will be automated or increased through the use of ‘digital coworkers’ , fostering human-machine collaboration, driven by the adoption of automation and AI. In this sense, it estimates that the market in EMEA for intelligent process automation software will grow until 2023, with rates above 15%.

Computing also anticipates the rise of robotic process automation (RPA ), with use cases ranging from automating simple, repetitive administrative tasks using software robots; to the automation of more complex business processes, thanks to the use of AI and machine learning.

However, he warns that we are still a long way from ‘smart automation‘ . He considers that the market is still immersed in the automation of simple back office processes , so these solutions will be the ones that organizations will demand in 2021, along with some customer-oriented processes .

IDC also forecasts that more than 30% of organizations will have added AI capability to their call center and conversational interface management environment by 2023 . 

Transparent And Ethical AI

The doubts that are being generated around the opacity of the algorithms that govern the decisions made by AI will drive the development of more transparent mechanisms. Gartner reviews that the governance of AI engineering leads to responsible AI, which addresses the issues of trust, transparency, ethics, fairness, interpretability, and compliance. 

“The more visibility decision makers have on the AI ​​results, the more confidence they will have in the decisions made by the models. Adding human supervision and improving the explicability of the models at each step of a decision process will lead to acceptance of AI and automated decision-making, ”says João Oliveira, EMEA Business Solutions Manager at SAS.

This is all about the upcoming tech trends in 2021.


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