How To Regain Access To Your User Account On Facebook, Twitter

How To Regain Access To Your User Account On Facebook, Twitter And Instagram

If you have problems to regain access to your profile on a social network because you do not remember the password as well as the rest of the  data or someone has captured your passwords and you have lost control of it, keep reading. In this article we explain what steps you should take.

Raise your hand who has not ever forgotten the username or password to access an online service. Possibly there would be few hands raised since it is not so difficult to forget such information, right? especially if we create the account at a given moment and we do not access it again in a long period of time, the app is configured on our smartphone or tablet and we do not worry, until for some reason, we need the access data again 

.And we don’t remember them! If this is your problem, you are trying to access a profile again and you do not correctly remember the data you used to register, we will provide you with information on how to regain access.

How To Reset Your Password If You Lost It Or Do Not Remember It

On the other hand, the problem that we can find is a very different one, it is not that we have forgotten the  data but that we have detected that someone has managed to access our profile without our consent and has taken control of the herself. How do you know? 

You have detected that there are new publications on your profile that you have not made, chat conversations with contacts that you have not had either, your profile picture has been modified, third-party applications appear that you did not use, etc. And how could this happen? The causes may be, among others, the following:

  • You have been the victim of a phishing type fraud through which they have obtained your password to access the social network.
  • You were using an easy-to-guess or weak access password .
  • You used the same password to access the social network as to access other online services, some of these having been ” hacked ” in such a way that the user’s data was published on the Internet.
  • You shared your access codes with another person and now, that person is accessing on your behalf.

What can you do if you are experiencing a situation of these characteristics? Do not despair, fortunately the main social networks also provide you with specific account recovery mechanisms in case of hacking. We provide you with direct links to the help section of each social network where they detail how to act in these cases.

How To Regain Access To Your Account If It Has Been Hacked

Now, once the problem is solved, do not stand idly by, it is necessary that you configure your accounts appropriately to protect them from unauthorized access and facilitate their management in case of forgetting the  codes. What measures do social networks offer? Use of strong passwords, security questions, alternative mail, two-step verification / double authentication, trusted contacts, etc.

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