Everything You Need To Know About Guerrilla Marketing

Everything You Need To Know About Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that uses unconventional techniques that require minimal investment to achieve maximum media coverage through them.

This original marketing is an efficient alternative for those who generate high impact on consumers through low investment . Its main objective is to achieve results through methodologies considered different .

It could be said that it is a 2.0 marketing that works by doing things that others do not do and trying to surprise the consumer with unconventional actions that they will not even consider as advertising .

However, even if it does not require a large investment, it does take creativity , originality and persistence . Such a campaign should be something that:

  • Hasn’t been done before
  • Surprise and provoke
  • People share it , talk to others and give it free publicity .

The excess of advertising makes it essential to use advertising actions that stand out from those carried out by the competition. Therefore, this type of marketing is a valuable tool to enhance communication between the company and its target audience.

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

There are many guerrilla marketing campaigns, these are some of the techniques that work best:


This technique consists of choosing a public space, indoors or outdoors, with a large influx of public and transforming it to send our advertising through it. Take ownership of that space and give it a different touch. Let people turn to look as they pass by.


It is about using actors to start a staging. The most typical form of performance is the famous flashmobs, in which a group of people appear “out of nowhere” to perform an unexpected action that draws attention in a public space.

These “spontaneous” meetings of many people prepared to carry out a specific action are most effective.


The objective in this case is to directly involve the public and interact with it. Let them try something that makes them always remember your brand as a good experience.

Guerrilla marketing can use the senses to turn everyday moments into memorable experiences. These actions are not intrusive and are well received by the people.


Guerrilla marketing actions created primarily for the digital world. All brands, from the smallest to the largest, try to create such a video. When the video attracts attention, through its presence on social networks it can get the brand to be viewed millions and millions of times.

Covert Advertising

This technique is carried out by celebrities, especially youtubers who make videos talking about the benefits of products they have bought.

Guerrilla Marketing Examples

These are some of the more famous examples, but new ones keep popping up every day and they still work just as well:

Glee Flash Mob

In 2009 the Glee series occupied a famous shopping center in Rome for four minutes in which a group of people began to dance to the rhythm of the series’ best-known songs.

Ghostbusters Train

In 2016 the movie Ghostbusters was promoted through creating an illusion in subway and train stations. People heard the train approaching, they heard him arrive and open the doors, but he was not there. After “leaving” the famous song from the film sounded.

Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Cube Challenge, which was created to draw attention to ALS disease in 2014, became a viral challenge that everyone wanted to upload to their social media.


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