How To Put Thumbnails On Your Youtube Videos Check For Full Info

How To Put Thumbnails On Your Youtube Videos?

In this article, we’re giving insight on how to keep thumbnails on youtube videos.

  • The fever for visual content is giving way to a generation of this type of piece that makes taking care of YouTube video thumbnails a fundamental rule to comply with.
  • To develop this topic, we have a few extremely useful tips.

 1.- Have A Preliminary Idea Before Creating A Thumbnail

  • When you shoot a video, you should have some planned planning (this is ideal): the takes, the sequences, the timing, the script, and so on. The miniature must be part of this process.
  • Before recording, imagine what your content thumbnail should look like. If possible, think about and record your thumbnail image (it can be a screenshot of the content itself or a still photo) during filming.
  • If the content of your work is not visually attractive, you will have to search through a posed photo or any other image that is representative of the content and is sufficiently impressive for the viewer.

2.- View Your Thumbnail In Different Sizes

  • Both on the same platform and outside of YouTube, the thumbnails appear in different sizes.
  • It is essential that we think about devices, especially mobile phones.Big or small, this preview of your video should look good. To view it before uploading, you can simply zoom in or out on the thumbnail once it’s armed.

3.- Use Powerful, Convincing Images

  • Yes, I have already said it, but it is so important that it deserves a section. You only have a fraction of a second (I don’t know if it reaches a second) to catch a viewer.
  • The image you use is going to be the key to being successful in this mission
  • In addition to being impressive and convincing, they have to be well framed and contrast with the white background of YouTube.
  • It is always advisable to think about the emotion you intend to convey (happiness, curiosity, anger, sadness, etc.).Close-ups are good when it comes to expressing emotions.
  • Also, do not forget to think about the text: colors used, fonts and composition with respect to the image.

4.- Make Sure Your Miniature Stands Out From The Rest

  • It’s easy to tell if your thumbnail stands out or not. Look at the others! If your competitors ‘thumbnails stand out more than yours, your work will not be as seen as others’.
  • So that this does not happen, I recommend doing a research work before recording and creating your miniatures.
  • Do a YouTube search for specific pieces or channels similar to yours. Analyze the thumbnails that exist and think how you can do to stand out from them.

5.- Try To Make “Related” Thumbnails To Boost The Brand And The Visualizations

  • If you’re looking to build brand awareness, “related” thumbnails can be a great option. What do I mean by “related” thumbnails?
  • Those that have a degree of thematic connection with each other, a certain coherence or consistency.
  • This not only serves to build branding , but also so that viewers can quickly identify the brand. If you already have videos uploaded without this feature, it would be nice to go back and update them with new thumbnails.
  • The coherence can be given by the logo of the brand, the colors and, in general, the design of the miniature.

6.- Create Titles That “Hook” And That Combine With The Image / Style Of Your Thumbnails

  • Most of us in the world of Social Media know what the acceptance of a post on Facebook or any other social network is worth.
  • There are many tutorials on how to have likes on Facebook , how to generate interaction on your brand’s social networks, and so on. But we also know that everything depends on the content and, in the case of publications, on the “title”.

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