How To Make Money Online With Little Investment

Earning money online is the panacea for any worker. And if it’s fast, and without investing a single dollar, the better. But to make money online, you really have to work.

And a few years ago, that this internet thing was not so difficult, it was quite possible. But now there are a lot of people fighting for a piece of the pie and it is more complicated.

To earn money online you have to dedicate time and be persistent. Only in that way will you be able to earn a living or, at least, get additional income, thanks to the internet. Many people are getting it.

Earning money online is also a business that you can do from home, part-time or full-time. You just have to work it out and focus on what you are going to do.

We are going to see in this post 20 ways to earn money online from home, let’s say, in the medium term with little investment. Obviously, if you spend some money on marketing or hiring certain services, you will probably shorten those deadlines.

Make Money Online With Adsense

Adsense is Google’s advertising system. Most of the ads that appear on the websites or blogs that you visit are from Adsense.

It is one of the most “simple” ways if in quotes, to earn some money online. But, to earn enough money with this system you will have to have visits and the more the better.

Whether it’s creating a blog or web page, getting visits, and adding these ads, you just have to sign up for Adsense and get your account approved. Every time someone clicks an ad, Google Adsense will give you a percentage of the cost of that click. The problem is that you can get an edge in your teeth if each click represents an income of 0.10 cents.

Therefore, you will need a lot of clicks. The more visits you have, the more chances they will click on your ad.

The theme of the blog is important. There are themes in which the cost per click (what they pay you for each click they give in the ad) are very high and others very small. Clicks are not paid the same in a universal history blog as in an insurance or investment blog. Google usually puts the ads on blogs related to the topic

Make Money Online With Amazon Affiliates

Affiliate marketing systems consist of recommending products on your websites and creating links to products sold by other companies. These give you a commission for each product sold that comes from that link.

The best performing company that brings out its affiliate programs and that most people use is, by far the second, Amazon.

Amazon is the online store that offers the most products and that sells the most products. Therefore, it is almost impossible for you not to find any product to sell as an affiliate, whatever the theme of your website.

The operation is very simple. I like the picture. I create content related to photography and in the post, I add links to the products that Amazon sells that I am talking about. Be it cameras, tripods, spotlights, filters.

If a user clicks the link and makes the purchase, Amazon will give me a commission from the sale.

Depending on the price and the type of product you recommend and sell, you will have a commission or another.

Be Influencer

An influencer is a person who has the ability to influence the behaviour of other people as a result of the size of their audience and the ability to persuade.

An influencer does not have to have millions of followers. Depending on the sector, it may have more or less audience. Influencers are increasingly sought after by companies. Typically, a brand looks for an influencer to make a mention or promotion of their products.

Instagram, and the fashion and beauty sector, is the most common platform for this type of marketing but it can also be other social networks such as YouTube or even blogs.

The price of these collaborations with the brands will depend a lot on the sector and the product to be promoted, the number of followers and the interaction of these followers. Generating good content and getting followers to interact is one of the keys. It’s about creating a community that appreciates the content you post.

Although if your account has many followers, it is possible that brands contact you, there is a platform where you can sign up to be more within the reach of brands. SocialPubli, Coobis or blog meets brand are some of them.


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