Business skills All You Need To Know About Improve Business Skills

All You Need To Know About Improve Business Skills

In this article, we are discussing about how to improve business skills

  • Who has a good seller has a treasure! That is something that any commercial director or any manager of an SME thinks, and especially in these times. A good salesperson, a good salesperson , is the one you have all your hopes on.
  • As in all areas of life, there are people who innately have business skills , they are just good at it, but what do we do with those who do not have these skills per se? How can I make an average salesperson (let’s say normal) get good results, guess the answer .. Training, training, training and monitoring. Yes, we propose 3 trainings and explain why.

1st Training In Sales Orientation

  • In sales, not everything goes, we talk about values, principles, honesty. Understand that the client (be it a company or a natural person), is much more than a “client” and it is necessary to gain their deep trust.
  • Understand that a client (and more current clients with all the information and little loyalty that they normally show) no longer marries anyone and that they need a proximity and a commitment that sometimes is difficult to understand.
  • Ultimately be patient, be honest, be kind, be consistent, and don’t project your anxieties and needs onto him.

2nd Training In Commercial Skills

  • 2nd Training in commercial skills. Being nice and funny is not enough, that type of commercial is the commercial joke . but it no longer works.
  • The professional salesperson must handle emotional intelligence tools well, must have highly developed social skills, have a high capacity for active listening and of course be a great strategic communicator. 

3rd Training In Sales Process

  • Believe it or not, not everything is the closing, in fact, the closing begins from the first contact with the client and it should not be expected to have a magic phrase that in a hypnosis process makes the client sign.
  • The development of a sale, be it of the type, is something alive not corseted in 4 steps, the search for a natural dialogue should be the guiding principle of that relationship.
  • Of course, the ability to influence the client, without manipulation or deception, will be very present in this entire process but always under the prism of the necessary trust that makes the client not feel that he does not decide.”I bought” should be your conclusion, rather than “I have been sold.”
  • The other element, follow-up, is already an essential part of the company’s own commercial strategy, the management of a salesperson or a sales team.
  • There is no doubt that among other things, planning the short, medium and long-term agenda, studying the market, knowing the product / service that sells, are aspects that should never be neglected.

In our opinion, although not everyone can be a great commercial, many middle commercials can take that step that will lead to success. Have you already thought about how to improve the results of your sales team?


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