All You Need To Know About Facebook Global Pages

All You Need To Know About Facebook Global Pages

Facebook offers the possibility of making a unique page for each brand around the world , they call them “global pages” or ” Global Pages “, which allows users to have access to the version that each brand decides globally, maintaining the specific location of its territory.

The structure offered by Facebook is as follows: Each brand will decide which is the home page on Facebook and this will be extended to all those who, territorially, linguistically or experientially, decide the same brand they want to have. In this way, the user does not lose experience capacity , but obtains better and more specialized information while still having access to the brand globally. This will allow to have:

  • A global brand identity: Users in all countries will see the same page name (in their language), the same number of fans, and the same “People Talking About This” (PTAT) metric.
  • One URL: Brands can promote a single URL in all campaigns outside of Facebook and users will be sent to the version of the page that is most suitable for them.
  • Global Statistics: Home page administrators will see the statistics of all global users in an easy-to-view panel.

Both brands that had a single page strategy but that segmented geographically, as well as those that had several pages, will see their efforts made profitable with this new possibility of maintaining both strategies but offering them at the same time, without doing more work, since it is Facebook who is responsible for redirecting you to the page of your territory without having to put any added information.

Coca-Cola , Nestlé or Disney are some examples of brands that have already opted for this format, which clearly indicates where Facebook’s changes are heading in this regard: towards the advertising actions of multinational brands, which have been the first to use and understand that a single “Global Page” pays for its worldwide performance with less investment. The “likes” are already global too. But not only these, but also less international companies can benefit from this new possibility, because with less investment their access to potential audiences will also be profitable, which until now could be uncompetitive for them due to lack of budget.

With this new movement, Facebook is getting closer and closer to global information, making it profitable in marketing actions in its environment for the benefit of all.


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