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All You Need To Know About Online Advertising

Compared to traditional advertising (intrusive and generalist), online advertising is a format that, well used, allows you to create segmented and non-intrusive ads (although, as you have surely verified, this is not always the case), which can help you achieve online success. That is why today we will talk about the keys to effective online advertising .

The main objective of online advertising is that only those people who are really interested or willing to receive it receive the message, which is why segmentation is so important. Starting an effective online advertising campaign on the Internet is not excessively difficult. The difficulty lies in creating optimized ads that allow us to obtain the maximum results with the minimum investment . The really difficult thing is to do effective online advertising. So … Do you want to know the keys to get it?

Requirements For Effective Online Advertising

  • Never forget the objective : having a defined objective means being clear about the purpose of the advertising, which will also help us define the most suitable online channels or media to communicate it to the audience that we have previously defined.
  • Your ad must be relevant content. The message that is transmitted to potential consumers must be relevant to them, that is, it must respond to their interests and satisfy their information or consumption needs. The ad should fit in well with the context in which it is placed. And this is where the concept of segmentation becomes important. As we mentioned at the beginning, online advertising allows you to segment your ads. For example, if you want to sell a digital marketing course, the ad will be much more successful on an SEO or social media blog than on a travel and vacation blog. Effective online advertising is one that is aimed at a particular audience, what is known as a target audience or target. In this way, the advertising will only be seen by those interested people who are motivated to receive information about your product.
  • The simplicity is essential for effective online advertising. On the Internet, the most successful ads are those made up of one or two sentences at most, so avoid long texts by all means. Do not include technical words that prevent the user from understanding the ad or you will be wasting resources. Another very important thing: you should never force the user to make an effort . Avoid having to interact with the ad to see the message or your conversion rates will suffer.
  • Of course, your advertising should never annoy the user, unless you want them to hate you for life. The key to the success of online advertising is based on non-interruption . Consumers are already fed up with commercial actions that interrupt us (television commercials, commercials calling us on our mobiles to offer us the best rate on the market, etc.). We are normally on the Internet either to work or to enjoy our leisure, so escape from those advertising formats in which the ad automatically occupies the entire screen. In essence, you don’t create ads that hinder the user to access the search box or important sections of a website. No pop-ups or ads floating around the screen that you have to chase for several minutes until you manage to close them.
  • Use video if the format allows it. An image is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand images. The video manages to capture the attention of users by increasing the exposure time. The good news is short and on the Internet, as a general rule, an advertising video that exceeds 110 seconds is considered long.
  • And of course… It includes a call to action ! Many times users won’t click if you don’t ask, it’s that simple. This call to action should be as attractive as possible. It is not the same to say “Buy it now!” than “Take it home!”

Ways To Advertise Effectively Online

If we think about advertising formats on the Internet, we can distinguish two main types: display (ads with images) and search (search). The first type includes all graphic formats, whether they are static banners, “rich media” or online videos, while the second type includes text ads managed as sponsored links in search engines (Google Adwords) or in others. sites whose content has an affinity for a certain keyword (for example, the Google AdSense program).


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