Everything You Need To Know About Future Of Work

Everything You Need To Know About Future Of Work

In the article, we’re going to discuss about Future of Work.

The confinements due to the coronavirus pandemic in recent months have doubled the percentage of people who telecommute in the US and it is a trend that will be consolidated for the future. Soziable.es organizes with the collaboration a new Meeting for Transformation to encourage reflection on how this way of understanding work will evolve.

Future Of Work – Reports

According to a report prepared by the online job search portal InfoJobs, the percentage of workers who carried out their work remotely before the coronavirus pandemic was 25 percent in the US. This data doubled due to the confinement motivated by the Covid-19 health crisis, going to 55 percent.

One of the great obstacles for those who have children is combining professional work with family life

Greater ease in concentrating and improved creativity are some advantages of telework mentioned by the participants in this study, as well as the possibility of establishing themselves in other parts of the country. 

The negative aspects of working remotely include the possibility that the working day is lengthened and the stress associated with it. In addition, another unfavorable point of remote work for employees is the increase in expenses in chapters such as Internet and telephone. And one of the great pitfalls for those who have children is combining professional work with family life.

Remote work, as a new labor reality, showed a legal vacuum that the Government wanted to fill by approving the Royal Decree-Law on remote work last September, with the consensus of employers and unions. Among the main rights recognized by this legislation, which came into force in October, include flexible hours and registration of hours, prevention of occupational hazards, privacy, data protection and digital disconnection. 

Event For Reflection

With the aim of addressing this work reality that is remote work, has organized a new Meeting for Transformation that will take place on November 18 in a virtual way under the title ‘The future of work is today . ‘

It is about contributing reflections on how this way of understanding work will evolve and how it will affect the organization of companies in the future

The new regulations also recognize the right to training and professional promotion; to the sufficient provision and maintenance of all the means, equipment and tools for the development of teleworking and to the precise attention in the case of technical difficulties, as well as to the payment and compensation of expenses by the company, as established by collective bargaining. 

Another key aspect of teleworking regulation is the recognition of the exercise of rights of a collective nature under the same conditions as the rest of the workers, for which the company must provide the legal representation with the necessary elements.


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