What Are Unicorn Companies?All About The Most Profitable Startups

The startups world does not stop growing, evolving and creating new concepts. You may have already heard of Unicorn Companies, but if not, read on and learn about this attractive and profitable business concept.

The first time the Unicorn Companies thermal was used was in 2013 by Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures. Aileen defines the Unicorn Companies as “a technology company that reaches the value of one billion dollars at some point in its capital raising process without going public”

It is very difficult for startups to get that assessment. At the time the definition was made, only about 40 unicorn companies were found. To date, there are more than 80 unicorn companies located around the world. We tell you everything you need to know to learn more about these innovative companies.

Unicorn Concept, Types And Companies

As you already know, unicorn companies are startups that have reached a value of one billion dollars at some point in their uprising process without being listed on the stock market. Keep in mind that only 10% of startups manage to achieve success and become a member of the select group of unicorn companies. In fact, unicorn companies receive this name in reference to the mythological animal of which there are few copies.

But it is important to highlight the rapid evolution of this type of startups that manage to reach this billion-dollar valuation. In just 5 years, unicorn companies have doubled their existence in the rankings. The main reason why companies grow in this way is that today, business and information evolve at the same speed and in the same way.

This type of startups are characterized by

  • B2C, business to customer.
  • it has a technological character.
  • They are made up of an average of 3 entrepreneurs.
  • its founders are 34 years old on average.
  • they are usually men.

But surely it is easier to see examples to understand what type of companies the term unicorn companies refers to. Today in Europe there are 14 unicorn companies.

In the latest study on unicorn companies “Titans of Tech: European Tech Comes of Age” these two Spanish unicorn companies already appear Cabify and Letgo. Companies whose aggregate market value grows to 2,400 million.

World Ranking Of Most Profitable Startups

In the world ranking of profitable companies we will find those companies that exceed a billion dollars in valuation. According to the latest data collected, an increase in transport companies and companies of Asian origin can be seen .

In this way, Uber, Didi Chuxing and Xiaomi are in the top three of the most profitable companies in the world. These companies are followed by companies such as Airbnb, Maituan-Dianping, SpaceX, We Work, Palantir, Spotify, Lufax, Pinterest or Dropbox.

All these unicorn companies have a strong collaborative, innovative and technological character that has made them reach the top and earn a position in the most profitable companies in the world.

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