All You Need To Know About Concept Maps Check Full Info Here

All You Need To Know About Concept Maps

Learn what concept maps are and how to use them .

They really are a very important tool and we can apply it to a lot of jobs and processes.

That is why I have decided to show you which are the best applications to make free and paid concept maps,  and thereby improve your productivity and organize yourself much better.

What Are Concept Maps

The simplest definition to define what is a map or conceptual or mind map would be, a graphic way of organizing ideas and that helps us to have a better understanding of them.

Therefore the concept maps is a technique to synthesize information .

We began to learn to make these mental maps from school, since it is always easier to summarize a subject of a subject in a graphic and visual way, than in a text-only way.

Its use is very widespread in the business world and also in digital marketing, since we develop a number of concept maps to better understand our channels and our digital marketing strategies.

Types of concept maps

There are different types of concept maps but the most used today are the following:

1.Hierarchical It is organized around a key concept called the parent, from which other concepts are descended.

2.Spider Map. The main word is presented in the center and minor themes are placed around it.

3.Organization chart. It is presented in a linear way and to read its data well we will have to clearly define the way to follow it.

4.Systematic Map. Similar to the previous one but contains inputs and outputs.

5.Multidimensional. It is created from a two-dimensional or three-dimensional figure.

6.Landscape Map. Try to represent a figure or landscape, taking as a starting point a real or fictional space.

Depending on the type of classification we do, there will be more examples of concept maps, but I have tried to summarize the most important examples of concept maps.

How To Make Concept Maps

We are going to explain how to make concept maps step by step. You can make a mind map using a sheet of paper and a pen, or you can also make a concept map online.

1.Define the title or subject of the map.

2.Define the subtopics you want to cover.

3.Determine the information classification of each of the subtopics.

The best way to start the whole process is to do a great brainstorming of ideas to see all the topics you want to deal with and as a result, creating your concept map will order all that information in a more graphic way.

In addition, it gives you a more complete view of the issues and the relationships they have with each other, something that may be more difficult to see separately.

Best Programs to Make Concept Maps Online

1. GoConqur

GoConqur is a free and very easy to use program that allows you to create mind maps online.

The use of Mind Maps facilitates the connection of ideas and improves learning significantly.

You can share your mind maps with other tools, which makes it super easy to access this work information and integrate them with others.

It also has computer versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

2. Coggle

Coggle is an online tool for creating concept maps. It has a free and limited version to do it and a paid version.

One aspect that I really like about this application to create mind maps online is the possibility of working several people and collaboratively on the same project.

In addition to using Coggle in the browser online, you can make your mind maps on your mobile with its App.


Use Canva and create great concept maps to organize your projects, brainstorm or solve complex problems.

How to create a concept map step by step:

1.Create a Canva account to design your own concept map.

2.Choose an option from our library of professional templates.

3.Upload your own images or choose from over 1 million stock images.

4.Fix your images, add cool filters and edit the text.

5.Save and share.


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