Business Ideas With Which These  Young Entrepreneurs

Business Ideas With Which These  Young Entrepreneurs Reinvent Sectors

Business Ideas With Which These  Young Entrepreneurs : From an algorithm with which its founders claim to ensure profits for bookmakers to new concepts for the training of future professional soccer players or content creators. These are some of the innovative business ideas that are collected here.

Building Soccer: The Netflix Of Soccer Training

Behind Construyendo Fútbol are a high-performance soccer player, Ángel Encinar, and a physical trainer with a long career in this sport, Iván Díaz Infantes. Both saw a business opportunity in training a new generation of lovers of this sport interested in dedicating themselves to it professionally to him.

Building Football is a platform that revolutionizes training in the world of football through content that is consumed in the purest Netflix style, that is, on-demand, in a personalized way, and with high value. Its 100% online and audiovisual methodology contains more than 150 classes, 300 hours of content and interviews, and 300 exercises with monthly renewal and can be followed from anywhere in the world, so they already have users in more than 25 different countries.

Building Football already has the support and investment of professionals in this practice, among others, Andrés Fernandez, the current SD Huesca goalkeeper with an extensive career in Europe at clubs such as Villarreal CF or FC Porto

They currently have closed agreements with Celta de Vigo and Real Valladolid. There are more than 15,000 members subscribed to their private community and they have an average ticket of approximately 94 euros. The students already exceed 1000. The company is closing an investment round with the aim of becoming the largest training platform in the world of football: the goal for the next two years is to expand in the Spanish-speaking world and train 35,000 people.

“If technology is revolutionizing the way things are done in all sectors, why not in training in the world of football? It is the perfect opportunity to find new professionals who previously did not have the tools to access this elite world” continues Encinar. 

Founders Of VideoGaga

  • VideoGaga: To train you in video marketing

The rise of YouTube, Tik Tok or Twitch is revolutionizing the job market and job prospects. According to a study by First Choice, 75% of teenagers now want to become content creators as an option for their future. A fact that shows the strength of this market, especially among the youngest, but also among professionals, freelancers and companies.

According to Statista forecasts, the video marketing sector will grow by 37% to reach a worldwide figure of more than 45 billion dollars in 2025. In Spain alone, according to calculations by YouTube and Oxford Economics, the creation of content for YouTube already represents a market of more than 300 million euros and “has provided 21,000 jobs.” The first-rate influencers would be earning amounts above one hundred and fifty thousand euros per month according to various media.”

To provide the necessary training, VideoGaga has developed an e-learning platform in which standardized training meets personalization. These are courses directed and taught by content creators and experts who have already demonstrated their ability to position themselves among the most important in the market in Spanish. 

This is the case of Topes de Gama, one of the references in the creation of technological content for YouTube and other platforms with more than 5 million followers and more than 800 million visits. This course is joined by another by actor Jaume Ulled, awarded by the Sitges International Film Festival and an expert in communication and language, who offers the course ‘Speak with Confidence’.

  • Against The Odds: The algorithm with which you win at bookmakers

David Huidobro and Adolfo Blanco are the names of the two computer engineers and ADE graduates who founded Against The Odds, where they claim to have developed an algorithm that “ensures profits in bookmakers.”

What is done is to take advantage of the money that each bookmaker gives away as a promotion to, through it, make a profit. What the user does is bet on two opposite results in two different houses. For example, in one it gives victory to Rafa Nadal against Novak Djokovic, while in the other just the opposite, that Djokovic beats Nadal. One of the two bets will be unsuccessful, but since a promotion bonus has been used there will be no losses and in the second one money will be generated. 

  • Sloowy: the first beach-sharing company

In Sloowy  they are presented as the first beach-sharing business in our country. The startup has developed an app that allows you to rent beach furniture (umbrellas and chairs) and pick it up at a ticket office. At the end of the day of disconnection on the beach, it is returned following the instructions marked and is charged only for the minutes used.


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