24 Businesses That You Can Start From Home

24 Businesses That You Can Start From Home

Here are the 24 Businesses That You Can Start From Home.

1.-Tourist guide

There are organizations like Freetour where these types of professionals gain visibility and receive more job offers. But you can also establish yourself on your own and become an expert.

2.-Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is an independent and qualified professional with the ability to provide digital services to third parties, from managing their email, appointments, or agenda to organizing events, among many other services. 

3.- Do surveys

There are many people who do not bother to answer the questionnaires that companies ask them, either due to lack of time or lack of interest. 

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4.- Digital Trafficker

A digital trafficker is a professional who is dedicated to designing online advertising campaigns and implementing them with the aim of increasing traffic on a web page. 

5.- Make candles

Scandle is a Spanish brand of scented candles that presents a different and innovative concept by associating the product with Spotify playlists created by the firm itself. 

6.-‘Day trader’

Another of the new words that are creeping into the labor market for those who aspire to ‘be their own boss’, although they later warn you that this is not for everyone. 

7.-Web design

To work from home as a web designer, it is necessary to have some experience or training in this field, mastering technologies such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

8.-Cryptocurrency miner

Whenever the blockchain is discussed, the example of an accounting book shared by millions of users is used in such a way that, every time a transaction is recorded in it, it is impossible to alter it because the consensus of the entire delocalized community would be necessary.


 If you have a skill or a passion in which you stand out and the ability to tell about it, this is one of the options most within your reach. 

10.- Design weekly menus

LaLOLA urban food is a “rich, healthy, and elaborate” food project from Tupperware at home promoted by the entrepreneur Fernando Mouriño . 

11.- Streamer

They are halfway between the world of entertainment and that of video games and many of those who profess it has been experiencing a considerable boom for some time.


Podcasts are in fashion. If you have the right material, you can record shows from home and sell them to the right channels. 


The main mission of a copywriter is to write to sell. Her job is basically to write persuasive texts, if possible creative and ingenious, that incite a determined audience to take action. 

14.-Sale of used books between individuals

The market for the sale of second-hand books is growing, especially with regard to textbooks, the sale of which, had skyrocketed, increasing by 628% in the summer. 

15.-Graphic designer

 It is a good opportunity to take advantage of your talent and get projects for different brands. 

16.-Customer service specialist

The emergence of ecommerce has led to a revaluation of customer service specialists. The most powerful companies have their own department, but many others with fewer resources are forced to outsource an essential service for the smooth running of a business. 

17.-Sell products you make by hand

Handmade jewelry, aromatic candles, cloth dolls, sculptures, paintings, ceramics… There are many crafts that you can do at home to put them on sale later, either by offering your items to other physical stores already in operation.

18.-Work for Amazon

Did you know that Amazon has a specific website where it offers employment to people who want to work from home or from the place they want? There are several job categories, but many of them correspond to digital and specialized profiles such as marketing, logistics management, software development, or customer service. 

19.- Sale of photography or video

It is a way to earn income with all the photographs that you have been taking on the different trips or with the videos that you have recorded and selling them on the internet

20.-Make objects with 3D

Getting a 3D printer is getting cheaper, although the range is very wide. There are from 200 euros to 12,000. In any case, if you don’t want to make this outlay, you can start by renting one or going to a FabLab in your area where you pay only for its use. 

21.-Create and market your NFT creations

More than requiring capital, what is required in this business is creativity and knowing how to move in the virtual environment to publicize and market your NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) digital artistic creations, the digital assets that, in the opinion of some, are transforming art collecting. 

22.-Create and sell directories

Directories are contents that are consumed very well on the internet. They are consulted to discover market niches, analyze the competition, or compare before purchasing something. Finding all the ordered offers in a single place is something that adds value, especially for the time it saves in surfing the net and a service that many are willing to pay for.

23.-Furniture recycler

In addition to redecorating the house, it has become fashionable to do it with old furniture. Taking advantage of this trend, an opportunity arises for those who know about furniture restoration, whether it is you who is in charge of doing the task or if you teach others.

24.-Private teacher

It is a classic and has always been an alternative solution to obtain additional income by training others in what you are an expert. Digitization now opens up the market much more and the range of possibilities for all types of training.


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