5 Business Ideas Related To Food To Import Now

5 Business Ideas Related To Food To Import Now

5 Business Ideas Related To Food To Import Now : The food sector is experiencing one of the great revolutions in its history. These five foreign business ideas prove it.

The food sector is experiencing one of the deepest revolutions in its history. The lack of supplies and the development of technology are allowing the emergence of multiple business ideas that promise to transform the industry in the coming years.

As main trends, the circular economy, sustainability, and health lead the way in the sector, where hundreds of business ideas appear every year related to one of the most important industries -if not the most- for the world. In this context, we present some of the most interesting foreign projects, which are great options to undertake in Spain.

Last May, the European Union approved its marketing within the territory, and it is an industry that still has little competition in Spain and that has some advantages, such as a large amount of protein it contains or its easy bioconversion.

In this context, the German company Meal Worm has found a way to do business in this segment. It is a network of food trucks that, instead of hot dogs or hamburgers, offer mealworms as the main product. Under this formula, they have managed to bring the consumer closer to an expanding product while obtaining great benefits with hardly any competition.

  • Meat crops at home

The environmental impact of the meat industry is one of the great challenges facing the food sector. In this context, business ideas related to organic meat crops have multiplied in recent years, especially in the field of vegetable meats, where Spain has Heura Foods as the main player at an international level.

British entrepreneur Alice Turner wanted to go one step further and designed a system so that we can all have a meat farm in our own homes. Although, in this case, it is only a project that requires a large amount of investment for research, it could give some clues about the direction that the industry will take in the future, as new technologies are developed.

  • A restaurant that only charges the will

Taking into account that the food sector is one of the fundamental for the development of human life, it is an ideal activity to set up a business with a social vocation.

This is the case of Nourish Pub, an English establishment that combines a coworking space and a meeting point for London entrepreneurs with a modern and well-cared-for restaurant. The difference here is marked by this last point since the prices of the dishes are very variable: exactly the amount that the diner is willing to pay.

  • A mushroom farm

Given the lack of food resources, mushrooms have become more than an interesting alternative to meet the vital needs of the entire population. It is a very profitable business, with great possibilities for undertaking, even from home.

An example is Mushroom Guys, a company formed by two Australian entrepreneurs who found an entire untapped business niche in their country in 2018. Four years later, they are one of the main suppliers to restaurants in the country.

  • Smart labels to curb food waste

The circular economy is one of the trends that transversally mark all the business ideas that appear in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the food field, most of them are focused on avoiding food and packaging waste, although there are opportunities to explore the Spanish market.

One of them is the one proposed by the British entrepreneur Solveiga Pakstaite through her company Mimica Lab. It is a smart label system that fights against food waste, beyond its expiration dates. The labels have a compound that changes color if it detects that the food is beginning to decompose, through three parameters that give exact information about each food.


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