Android 11 ANDROID 11 Will Renew Your Mobile With All These Changes

ANDROID 11 Will Renew Your Mobile With All These Changes

The mobile operating system is one of the most important elements for the software. In the case of Android devices, it’s time to get to know Android 11 , the latest version designed to leave Android 10 behind. With this new version, there are many changes and news that will reach mobile phones, so that you are not caught by surprise we are going to review all of them.

The update to Android 11 has not yet begun to be deployed as the beta versions begin to be polished in the first place while their users can begin to test them. Even so, this helps us to get an idea of ​​everything we can enjoy and show you those great changes that promise to improve the use of mobile phones.

What’s New In Android 11 After Android 10

All the changes that have been introduced in the latest version of the Android operating system will also have to adapt to each of the layers of customization. Among them MIUI , EMUI or One UI will make their own adaptations so that once they are ready they will arrive through an update to mobile phones.

You cannot give a specific date to start receiving updates as there are many different models. What we can hope for is that its official and definitive launch will take place in the month of August when the manufacturers will get fully to work working on Android 11 and the news that we are going to know.

Notifications Get Smarter

The notification panel of Android phones changes forever with Android 11. Now the sections become very important and allows us to see at a glance what interests us. The messages are divided from other notitions and with respect to priority.

We can change how important a message is or how relevant a notification is just by pressing and holding it. This will also affect the sound of the mobile as the most important notifications will always sound even if the mobile is silent.

Users take control in some notifications that are not only here, because the changes continue with respect to Android 10.

Facebook-style Chat Bubbles

One of the novelties that surely attracts the most attention are the chat bubbles on WhatsApp, Telegram or Twitter among all the apps that end up adapting them. Without having to enter the application, we will respond in a much more comfortable and advanced way. No more writing in the notification, now we also sleep adding files or sending GIFs.

This option that is inherited from Facebook Messenger will enter the testing phase very soon on several platforms and to use it we will only have to touch when we have Android 11 on the button that will appear. When the bubble unfolds we can move it around the screen and have that conversation at our fingertips even if we are in other applications.

The Option To Record Screen Comes To Android 11

For a long time the option to record screen has been available through external applications on Android, but it is not possible if we have Android 10 as standard. Now with the arrival of Android 11 this becomes easy, fast and simple so that in the notification panel we have access to the button.

By clicking on record, it allows us to choose if we want to record only the screen or add the sound. This will prevent the iPhone from leaving Android behind in this simple function that for some reason had not yet arrived.

The Mobile Becomes A Wallet

Previously we have been able to know how our mobile with NFC could serve us as a means of payment with Google Pay , a tool that takes a leap between Android 10 and Android 11 to become simpler and more accessible.

Just by pressing and holding the start button in Android 11, our payment method appears with the card that we have configured. This gives us the option of bringing the mobile closer to a POS and making payments on a tray. No more having to enter the application to use it.

More Control Over Privacy And Permissions

The Google company has its focus on the privacy and security of users, so in Android 11 this section becomes something very important again. This time the user possibilities change radically compared to Android 10 . We show you which are those most prominent changes and that will give us greater control:

  • Android 11 removes the permissions of the apps that we have not used in a while.
  • The user will be able to choose permissions for a single use.
  • In addition to the installed apps, we can also control the apps and system services.

In addition to these changes, it is likely that from the launch of the betas to the official launch, some minor changes will continue to be added.


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