How To Choose A Domain To Improve SEO Positioning

How To Choose A Domain To Improve SEO Positioning

How to choose a perfect domain ? Let’s get started..

Positioning your website in the top positions of search engines can become an obstacle course. There are many factors that influence (more than 200) and, in addition, they tend to change frequently. In this post we will talk about the importance of choosing a domain to improve your SEO and we will show you the 4 tips that you must take into account to be successful.

Include The Keyword Or Keywords To Choose Domain

One of the most used techniques for positioning is ” Exact Match Domain ” (EMD). EMD domains are those that exactly match a search term and are optimal if you want to obtain a good result in terms of positioning. For years Google has been offering good positions to domains that include keywords . However, we should not think that the domain name is enough to achieve the desired positioning.

Google is making efforts to locate the websites that are dedicated to spamming and a poor quality website could be totally counterproductive for SEO, no matter how much the domain corresponds to the search that is intended to be positioned.

Definitely, Exact Match Domain helps in positioning, however, this technique must be combined with a good website that offers adequate information towards the keywords that appear in the domain name. If you can’t find an EMD domain, keep in mind that there are also PMDs (Partial Match Domain) . 

That is, it is not necessary that the entire domain name matches the keywords that you want to position. Combined with a good content strategy, and folder and file names with extra keywords, we can achieve positive results in SEO . Of course, you can also take advantage of the new domain endings, which can greatly facilitate the task of finding the best alternative for your project.

But we insist. We must focus on the user, so the website must include valuable content of interest to visitors, where the most relevant keywords appear. For example, if you have registered the domain name “my”, when the user clicks he will expect to find information and content about “My Brand”. If in the content of your website you refer to this keyword, it is more possible that Google will place you in important positions.

There are tools that can help you select the keywords for your project and choose the most appropriate one. Some are AdWords Keyword Tool , Google Trends, and Google Insights .

Register Your Domain For As Long As Possible

Search engines understand that an old domain corresponds to a solid project, which conveys trust. Of course, it is important to have always made correct use of the it and not have fallen into bad practices so that the reputation is always good. Another factor of interest to Google is the time in which they have received the first inbound links and how the inbound links to the website have grown over time.

If for any reason you need to do a domain migration , you must implement a good strategy for transmitting the authority of your links. At this point, the most important thing is to correctly redirect the old URLs to the new ones. It is not a good idea, for example, that all the URLs of a domain are redirected to the home of the new one, but to the most appropriate pages corresponding to the content.

If you still do not have a domain, it is a good time to reserve it and start developing your website with us.

Choose A Domain That Is Related To The Theme Of Your Website

Your domain extension says a lot about the content of your page. This is something that search engines take into account to position you. What interests Google most to put you in the first position is that the content you offer to your users is of interest and has value. That is why in addition to analyzing your page, it will also read your domain extension. It is interesting that you choose the domain extensions that are more related to the theme of your website

Of course, if you are addressing an audience in a specific geographical location, it is ideal to register a territorial domain . Among all the possible extensions to choose a domain, the geographical ones have priority for search engines, when they serve users from that country. 

It seems that new  extensions (such as .hotel, .store or .blog) work and influence SEO in the same way as traditional one. Therefore, these new extensions represent a new opportunity to protect your brand and make it known , offering clear and differentiated content for both search engines and your potential customers.

Another factor to take into account when choosing a domain is that they tend to influence the clicks your website receives. And, therefore, also in your SEO positioning. In other words, if your potential visitor uses the word commerce in their search, the search engines will further enhance the .com positions because it is related content.

Keep Your Name Penalty Free

Google rewards those domains whose owners are free of penalties and have never had domains identified as spam. In the same way that with the age of the domain, Google understands that it is a trust project and will give it better positions. 

URL with duplicate content (Either on the same site or on other known sites)

Pages with little content.

Number of outgoing links to various sites that are not particularly relevant to the subject matter of the website.

Choose Directories Or Subdomains Correctly

For Google, a subdomain has practically the same weight as a completely different domain. Therefore, to position a subdomain it does not help much that the main domain is well known . Even using too many subdomains can be counterproductive. Instead it is preferable to use directories.


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