6 Examples That Show That You Can Set Up A Good Business

6 Examples That Show That You Can Set Up A Good Business With Little Money

Do you really think that it is only possible to start a business with a very powerful investment? Sometimes an original idea is enough.

The key to success in info products lies in the quality of the content. However, as Andrea Acha points out, there is some niche content that currently attracts more audiences than others. 

This entrepreneur extracts four examples of types of info products that are succeeding in 2023. They correspond to María Marqués, founder of the Koalacta online school, a gastronomic project in which pregnant women and mothers find training, information, and necessary accompaniment to improve self-care through adequate nutrition for themselves and their little ones in the early years of childhood, and also in the organization of that food and time in the kitchen.

Another successful niche is framed in the Health sector where, for example, the case of the pharmacist Flor Fasanella, an expert in medicinal plants, stands out. She is the founder of the Florence Academy, through which more than 6,000 students have passed. 

Within Digital Marketing, Nayla Norryh stands out, as a good business mentor whose mission is to accompany conscientious and ambitious entrepreneurs to expand as leaders, integrating their feminine and masculine energy to grow exponentially, work better, and take better care of themselves.

The latest success story within info products corresponds to Andrea Acha herself, a journalist by training and an expert in communication. She claims to already have students from Spain and other countries thanks to her FAN online program. Andrea Acha and her team of journalists accompany entrepreneurs step by step for 3 months so that they know how to appear in the media. 

Validation Of Your Qualifications

Validate is a solution born in 2019 in A Coruña by Rosana López to manage the validation of degrees from outside of Spain. More than 30,000 files are open for professionals, in many cases seniors, who have great difficulty in being validated. A large part of these files is from doctors, which reduces the mobility of health professionals in times of pandemic. Rosana leads a team of three partners/executives -two lawyers- with extensive experience in companies, in the financial sector, and in public administration, who have decided to leave their positions and undertake an activity niche not covered.

The main objective of the company is to guide its clients in all areas related to academic qualifications and international mobility based on these: 

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Support For Nomadic Students

At You Too Project their mission is to help nomadic students to prepare everything they need to study and work in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Dubai, Malta, and Ireland. The commitment is to accompany young people during all stages of the trip: from information to arrival and accommodation in the country of destination and return home.

The good business idea corresponds to Marta Caparrós, a young woman from Barcelona who decided to leave her job in a communication consultancy to move to Australia and learn English. Once there and after spending some time earning a living cleaning, she was encouraged to create a good business to pave the way for other young people that she had previously traveled with the purpose of working and studying abroad. 

Established as an international mobility agency 8 years ago, the company already has a team of more than 50 people working from different parts of the world and has helped thousands of students.

Aroma And Music In A Candle

Scandle is a Spanish brand of scented candles that presents a different and innovative concept by associating the product with Spotify playlists created by the firm itself. These playlists are designed solely for listening while the candle is burning, to encourage that feeling of escape when you light it up and immerse yourself in the authentic Scandle experience.

A Health Center For Plants

In addition to careless care, plants can get sick and die from diseases. To heal them, it is necessary to put them in the hands of specialized people, hence the idea of ​​creating plant hospitals that have experts in the field.

In Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) there is already a project that, in addition to having an educational vocation, seeks to heal sick plants, with income included if they consider it necessary for their recovery. It is an Environmental Education Classroom with extensive experience in processes of participation and education for sustainable development, which also includes the so-called ‘Plant Hospital’. 

The Weekly Menu For Your House

LaLOLA urban food is a recent project of “rich, healthy, and elaborate” food from Tupperware at home promoted by the entrepreneur Fernando Mouriño . After working for nearly 20 years in quality control and food safety within Mercavalencia, Mouriño decided, at the age of 56, to launch a new project. Orders at LaLOLA, whom you can contact through WhatsApp on a 24/7 schedule, are made from one week to the next with the purpose of not accumulating food stock and offering customers fresh food that they order from local suppliers. Once the food is received at home, the customer can keep it in the refrigerator for 14 days without the need to freeze it. 

To diversify the offer they plan to include the sale of organic juices and vegetable and fruit yogurts. In addition to food for the general public, they have two other lines of business, one business-oriented, now on standby, and a second, LaLOLA Sports Food, which is directed exclusively at athletes where they work with a specialized nutritionist to serve custom plates. The good reception of the product in the market has led them, in just two months, to make the leap from the Valencian market to the entire national territory.


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