What Is An Influencer Tips To Grow Your Business With Influencers

What Exactly Is An Influencer? Tips To Grow Your Business With Influencers

Influencers are those who have an effective influence on other people, audiences or sectors. A clear example that has been used for years is pulling athletes, actresses or models to advertise products or services.

I want to show you an example of a “ video influencer ” that I especially liked, because it leans on the model Winnie Harlow  and has a message that will not leave you indifferent. I recommend you take a look because it only lasts 40 seconds:

There are three key aspects that you should take into account when choosing a good influencer for your online or offline marketing strategy:

  • An influencer offers you great visibility .
  • It is aimed at a defined audience of a specific sector . He is influential only in his field.
  • It reaches a quality audience with which it generates engagement .

It is very important to make special mention of the issue of quality audiences, because it is one of the strongest points of influencer marketing.

It is useless to reach many if they are not the right audience

If you want your influencer campaign to be successful, you must be clear about what audience you want to reach and why. Then it is easier to find the people who are capable of moving that specific audience.

Traditionally, people have sought to recommend our product or service . If you have a store in your neighborhood, nothing better than a few happy customers who comment on how well you have served them, the quality of your products and the knowledge you have of the product so that new customers enter your store.

That strategy that for many years has worked in large and small businesses today can be scaled globally. With social media, we find people on Twitter or Instagram who can move a large mass of potential customers . A very clear example is the fashion sector, which pulls recognized people to reach its customers.

5 Tips For Your Online Marketing Strategy Based On Influencers

Tip # 1: Define The Objective Of Your Campaign

As always, you need to have a goal. What we want to achieve with our campaign or marketing strategy based on influencers . If we do not have a clear objective, we will not be able to measure, or compare the result or know if it has been successful or not.

Therefore, before selecting who we are going to contact, we have to set the objective and define the strategy. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Tip # 2: Define An Influencer Type That You Would Like To Represent Your Brand 

It is good to think about who we would like to represent our brand and define a canvas of person for it. If we analyze what characteristics the person who is going to represent our brand should have, it is important that they have a series of characteristics.

Imagine that we sell skates for a young audience.

Our influencers will most likely be an athlete, young, dynamic, who takes care of himself, who leads a healthy life and a varied diet. These are characteristics and aspects that at first glance have nothing to do with skates, but define the type of person with whom we want our target audience to identify.

Once the influencers are characterized, it is easier to identify those people who meet the profile that we have in mind.

Tip # 3: Contact Each Influencer In A Personalized Way

The contact must be personal. It cannot be the same email sent to 10 different contacts because even if all or all of them meet the influencer profile that you have defined, they will have their characteristics and peculiarities that make them different.

Therefore, you must contact them individually. We all like to feel special, but keep in mind that people with influence and positioning receive hundreds of emails. Yours should be more attractive than others.

If it is a mechanical and automated email, you will not be successful.

Tip # 4: The Influencer Must Know Your Brand And Commit In Some Way

If you want to follow a marketing strategy with a pillar based on influencers, you have to think that that person is going to represent your brand. Surely you have heard of cases in which brands worked with influencers and after an incident they have stopped working with them, so that the brand is not affected.

The most notorious cases are usually when an athlete tests positive. The normal thing is that the brands that until then were with him stop sponsoring him. Another famous case was when David Beckham shaved his hair shortly after signing a millionaire contract with a brand of shampoo?

Tip # 5: The Influencer Must Identify With Your Brand And Product

It is essential in your influencers strategy that it is someone who identifies with your product, empathizes with it and has a lot of credibility in that sector; Otherwise, forget about all of the above, because your campaign with an influencer will not do you any good.

Can you imagine someone who does not show the slightest interest in their own aesthetics talking about fashion? Or that he advertises a shampoo and shaves his hair to zero? What credibility could it have?

Well, that, you have to take into account the trust you place in the influencer , and possibly, look for someone who enjoys the products of your sector , because that is the image that will be projected in your target audience.

Another issue to keep in mind is segmentation; Think that by choosing your ambassador you are already segmenting your audience, so it is essential to plan well before contacting the influencer .


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