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A Complete Guide About Affiliate Marketing

The arrival of the Internet has been generating new marketing formats or rather tools with which to satisfy the consumer. Affiliate Marketing appears as an alternative for people who want to sell online without the need to produce or make big investment products.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing consists of promoting a product of a company in exchange for a commission for each sale that is made thanks to us.

Although it has recently become fashionable, it is a business model that appeared in the 90s, when Amazon began to make the service available to those who wanted to publicize the products available in the store.

It is a win-win for everyone. The company is supposed to capture traffic and it is only a cost in case of sale and for the person it is an opportunity to earn money, working from home, and thus monetize their website.

You can earn a large amount of money without having a large volume of traffic as happens with Adsense. It is only necessary to have qualified traffic, by focusing on a specific niche.

Types Of  Branding For Affiliate Marketing

Depending on the producer’s strategy, you will have to select the most suitable one. The objective of Affiliate marketing is to generate leads with high interest in purchasing the product. 

Pay per share

The Affiliate receives remuneration if users click on the advertisement and take any action on the ad’s landing page. 

Payment per thousand impressions

The advertiser pays a fixed amount to the Affiliate when the ad reaches a thousand views. Therefore, this system is interesting for people with websites with high traffic, since it does not depend on the number of visitors who click on the banner.

Pay per Sale

The Affiliate receives the commission when the user who has clicked on the link ends up buying the product. It is the best option for small producers, although it is also the one with the highest cost. It involves something similar to dropshipping.

What Steps To Follow To Become An Affiliate

Select the correct products to promote

Depending on the niche of our website or blog, we will have to select related products. If for example, we have a travel website, we can use affiliates of hotels, restaurants or excursions. If it is the technology we can use Amazon or Aliexpress.

To get an interesting amount of income, it is important that the affinity is as close as possible. The more qualified and specific our web traffic is, the more options we will have to monetize it.

Teach our audience the virtues of products

If what we seek with Affiliate Marketing is to obtain recurring income, we will have to teach our audience the virtues of the products we promote. For this, it is interesting to have comparative articles of different models or alternatives to persuade.

Work paid advertising

Paid advertising is an interesting way to attract web traffic at the beginning while we get good organic positioning. It will also be a good way to publicize our website to work on branding.


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