The Best Facial Recognition Applications For 2021 Check The List

The Best Facial Recognition Applications For 2021

The use of biometric data is becoming more and more widespread, being used for different purposes, from public and private security, to entertainment. Here in this article, we will see best facial recognition applications.

The app facial recognition is one of those applications that is increasingly present in our day and in this post we will see some of the best applications of facial recognition for 2021 .

Top 10 Facial Recognition Apps In 2021

  • Until not long ago, biometrics and, specifically, facial recognition sounded a bit like science fiction or techniques that were mentioned in television series, however, these technologies are much more widespread and are used much more than we thought and they continue to develop by taking advantage of some of the latest advancements in processors and AI.
  • Currently, there are not only  programs and softwares used by security services, many of the latest models of smartphones include some facial recognition program and the scan of the face becomes one of the biometric data to unlock them, as in The case of Face ID, the facial recognition function of the iPhone .
  • And since we are talking about mobile phones and facial recognition, in the different application stores, we can find multiple facial recognition applications ; Some serve as a security element of the mobile, others can, such as a facial recognition app in photos can be used to identify people, and others are designed for entertainment.

AppLock Face

  • AppleLock Face is a  app for mobile phones whose main function is to unlock the terminal by recognizing the user’s face and voice. Besides, it can also be used as an extra security measure to access instant messaging apps, social networks, banking information and the photo and video gallery.
  • It allows you to configure with two different levels of security, being able to use either voice or facial recognition, or both at the same time. It has a simple to use interface and is free.

IObit Applock Lite

  • IObit Applock Lite is another application that can be used both to block the mobile and to block the access of different applications within it (such as social networks, instant messaging, Amazon, Google Play, email, etc.). 
  • In addition, it can also be configured to hide the notifications that appear on the lock screen of these apps, so that they do not appear if it is not you who is looking at the screen.

Face Lock Screen

  • Face Lock Screen is also  app designed to improve the security of our mobile. Like the previous ones, we can use it both to unlock the terminal and to block access to different applications.


  • FaceFirst is much more than a  application, it is a package of solutions for the authentication of identity in different areas, but especially designed for the company and the security forces.
  • Although the app can be downloaded from Google Play, for it to work it is necessary to be a client of this service, that is, to have the credentials and / or licensed servers.

Herta Hi-Tech 

  • Similar to the previous solution, we have Herta Hi-Tech app , which offers us a package of facial recognition applications designed by Herta Security. These applications offer video surveillance, forensic analysis, marketing and promotion and access control systems.
  • In order to use most of its applications, it is necessary to have IP cameras that communicate with the system, to send it data. Which can allow real-time online facial recognition functions .


  • FacePhi is a company that offers a set of biometric security applications to improve the security of online banking, among which is SelPhi, which through facial recognition allows approving online transactions using a selfie.


  • Vault is an application designed to protect our privacy, since it not only blocks access to the mobile, but it can also hide audiovisual material, in addition to having personal space in the cloud to create backup copies.
  • Among its features of this app, you can use  both to unlock the terminal and hidden contents.


  • With Blippar we move away from facial recognition apps designed for security or privacy protection, and we move towards the aspect closest to entertainment or, in this case, to satisfy our curiosity.
  • This application combines AI and augmented reality to offer us information about what we scan with the camera. Among its capabilities, it can recognize famous faces (currently only in the US).


  • Luxand Face Recognition is a facial recognition application more focused as a resource for developers who want to build other apps based on facial recognition, since its function is very simple (although the app itself has an advanced biometric engine).
  • With Luxand we can capture a face, tag it and the application will memorize it to recognize it later. It allows to memorize different perspectives and various faces.


  • We close this list with a facial recognition app for Apple that uses Face ID to animate emojis with the expressions on our face.
  • Animoji is an application intended for entertainment, which uses the TrueDepth camera of the latest iPhone and iPad models to capture more than 50 different facial movements, which will then animate the expressions of the different animojis present in the application.

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