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What Is The Role Of Project Manager In Project Management?

Here in this article we’re going to display the project manager role in the particular project. We try to elaborate in a simpler way.

“A project is a temporary effort that is carried out to create a unique product, service or result.” This guide serves as an international reference to carry out projects of all kinds successfully. 

Although, in order to execute a project, there has to be someone to lead it. In this sense, the figure of the project manager or project manager emerges . It is a position that more and more companies are incorporating into their workforce, in order to generate projects that allow them to be more competitive. But, what exactly does a project manager do and why is it such a demanded profile?

He is responsible for ensuring that all stages of a project are fulfilled and the goal set is achieved. A project can be, for example, the development of software or the commissioning of an oil rig. In both cases, the project manager must have a global vision of the project, lead the team and control all workflows.

Among the main tasks of the project manager we can highlight the following:

  • Define the project and its scope.
  • Carry out the planning of the project and the estimation of the necessary resources.
  • Manage project resources: Both material and human.
  • Establish communication with clients and with other project stakeholders.
  • Monitor all stages of the project and manage the risks that may arise.

The Profile Of A Project Manager

As we have seen, he has to be, above all, a good leader . Otherwise, you will have serious difficulties in managing your project successfully. In this way, you must be an expert professional in your sector, who also knows how to distribute tasks and control. And, also, be a facilitator. In other words, maintain excellent communication with all those involved in the project, so that each of them gives their “best version.”

The project manager will have to make important decisions and know how to manage change in the company. Usually, to acquire all these skills, it is necessary for the professional to complete a Master’s Degree in Project Management or some similar training.

First Steps As A Project Manager

To understand what a project manager does, we can define how their first steps should be, to guarantee that a project is executed successfully. These are the main tips:

  • Know the project : It must be the person who knows the most about it and who knows the different alternatives.
  • Define the value of it : You must communicate to your team where they are going, what resources they have, what the objectives are and how they are going to be addressed.
  • Create and sign the charter : This will help you share the scope of the project on the basis of consensus with the client.
  • Ensure a budget : This must have all the details that allow anticipating unexpected expenses, reserving items for contingencies.
  • Identify the key people : The project manager must detect all the people, organizations, entities or professionals who, in one way or another, will be affected by the project.

Implement control and management tools.

Give visibility to the project: it is also the task of the project manager to get the recognition of his company, his client or, even, the market.

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