Power Inverter - Buying Guide, Opinions And Analysis In 2021

Power Inverter – Buying Guide, Opinions And Analysis In 2021

There are many people who frequently need a power inverter. These products change the voltage of battery power from cars, boats, and many types of machines to conventional 220-volt power. For this reason, a refrigerator or a computer can be powered through a current inverter, to name a few devices. 

If you are interested in buying a product like this but you don’t have time to study the purchase carefully, we can recommend two of them. The first is the WZTO LB0058302vr , which has a continuous power rating of 1000 watts and a maximum power rating of 2000 watts, plus it can be operated by remote control, for added convenience. 

The other model that we recommend is the Do Power THA1200. This product has a continuous power rating of 1200 watts and a maximum power rating of 2500 watts, as well as an LED light for ease of use.

WZTO LB0058302vr

Main Advantage:

This model provides a power of up to 2,000 watts with adequate stability and a wide versatility in terms of the type of connectors available in the product.

Main disadvantage:

Some users comment that the product generates a bit more noise than is desirable, mainly due to the fan that cools the operation of the equipment, although it is not always in operation.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

A high quality inverter and with which it is possible to connect everything you need with only having a battery to connect the product.

Main Features Explained

Operating Power

This current inverter uses a modified sinusoidal system with a continuous output of 1,000 nominal watts, which allows us to reach a maximum power of up to 2,000 watts. A system in which the product has a considerable current conversion efficiency, estimated at 80% and compatible with any conventional 12-volt input available to us.

This signal maintains adequate stability during use, regardless of the devices that we connect to it, although always within the working range supported by the device. For this, the internal technology of the product is responsible for optimizing the operation of the equipment, so that the energy is used in the safest and most convenient way.

Connectivity And Control

Since we are talking about a quality inverter, both its connectivity and its control system are up to par. Starting with connectivity, the product has two conventional Schuko-type plugs, in which it is possible to plug models that work with this type of connector. It also has a USB port, with which to charge the mobile or any other equipment that uses this connectivity.

Regarding the control system, the screen included with the product informs us at all times of its operating status and the connected load. Additionally, you also have a remote control, with which it is possible to activate or deactivate the inverter without having to be in front of it. Although it is a wired remote, it measures about 4.5 meters, so it is another strong point of the model.

DoPower THA1200

The first thing that stands out about this power inverter is its striking color, which is a very visually attractive blue. It has a continuous power power of 1200 watts, but its maximum power is much higher, being able to reach up to 2500 watts, having a good power base for up to more than 3 computers at the same time.

This product also includes an LED light that can indicate when there is something wrong with the inverter. Its efficiency is 85%, so it makes good energy management. Regarding its physical appearance, it weighs 2 kilograms, which means that it can be transported without problems.

This is complemented by the fact that its dimensions are 240 x 150 x 70 mm. The versatility is reflected in this product, because it can be used in electronic devices, kitchen appliances, bathroom or it also works very well in places where electricity does not reach such as boats and on distant excursions.

If you do not know which power inverter to buy, we recommend you consider the different qualities that this model offers you, as this could help you clear your doubts.

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The BESTEK MRI4013IU-EU is a car power inverter that represents a great option for all those who do not own one and need the use of an inverter. This product is rated at 400 watts, 100 watts peak power, and 200 watts peak, serving as power for mid-range equipment.

The temperature in which it works can range between 10 and 40 ° C, so it is ideal if you are in a hot area. To make its effective use in cars, this inverter has two AC-type sockets.

But it also has four 5A ports and one USB, which allows you, in addition to charging electronic devices, also charging mobile phones. The use of this product extends in many areas, being useful for many outdoor jobs, and even for conversion into a solar panel.

Determining which is the best brand of current inverters is not a simple process, to facilitate your search we want to present you some models that could be of interest to you due to the characteristics they have.


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