All You Need To Know About How To Get Sponsors

All You Need To Know About How To Get Sponsors?

The sponsors are key players in your budget , yes. But watch out! They can also be the great attraction that attracts the attendees of your event. Choosing one sponsor or another can be the deciding factor for your target audience to finish clicking on “Buy Tickets”.

In our eBook How to get and retain your sponsors we gave you tips to convince your sponsors and get them to support you in new editions of your event. Now we tell you how to decide which sponsor will make your attendees fall in love. Aim and hit.

1. Identify Your Audience

To get sponsors that attract the attention of your audience, you need to know your attendees : interests, key behaviors and spending habits.

And who is the perfect sponsor for your event? There are several places where you can start looking for this information:

 The ticketing company with which you sell your tickets – Depending on the type of information you need, when attendees sign up to buy tickets for your event, you can ask them for the demographic data you want. If they give you permission to use them, you will get to know them a little better.

Google Analytics – Who visits your website and how does it go? Google Analytics will tell you where the users of your website live, what part of your website has captured their interest or how they reached the “Buy ticket” button for your event.

Social networks – If you advertise on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you have access to the data that your assistants provide and that allow you to share with other companies. For example, Facebook Audience Insights can tell you which pages your audience has “liked” or what their topic preferences are. Remember that with Eventbrite you have access to more than a hundred integrations with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Spotify. Take advantage of these speakers!

2. Find Categories Of Brands That Are In Tune With Your Attendees

Make a list of the types of companies that fit the interests of your followers.

For example, if you have observed that most of your attendees from previous editions are interested in traveling as backpackers, it would be very appropriate to have outdoor supply stores as sponsors. Or if your attendees are interested in luxury travel, you could contact spas or resorts.

Locate the niche of interests of your attendees and look for the brands with which you can contact for a sponsorship.

3. Discover How You Can Enhance The Image Of Your Sponsor

Today the sponsors of the event are not limited to sending a check in exchange for their name placed on top of a stage. Now they want to know in what concrete way you are going to benefit their brand with your event.

Before calling a sponsor to propose your project, learn all you can about these brands . Find out if they usually sponsor events and what they have been, find out how they support the events and what they usually ask for in return. With all the information in your hands, convince the sponsor that you can give them what they are looking for for their brand.

4. Get In Touch With The Right Person

You have your event plan closed, you have all the necessary information to convince the sponsor to invest in your project, and now, who are you calling? This is where socializing comes into play, both in person and online. Start a conversation with any good contacts you have at the company and see if you can get the name of a sponsorship decision maker.

If you don’t have a contact, dive into LinkedIn for the right name or contact “cold-door” via email or social media. Finding the right person is sometimes a very long and tedious task. Do not give up!

In your conversation with the brand’s contacts, always remember that sponsorship is a symbiotic relationship (put emphasis on the word “relationship “) and that you are going to offer your sponsor a benefit as great as their contribution.

For more advanced information on how to get inside sponsors’ heads and create long-lasting, win-win relationships, download our free eBook on   How to Reach and Retain Your Sponsors .


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