How The Technology Impact On Business

We’re going to see how technology affects in the Business sector. It must be clear that technology is only one medium within the business digital transformation. The main change that companies must undertake has to do with the culture within the organization, and not only with the use of new technologies

  • Transform the organizational culture: The digital transformation in companies cannot be reduced only to using a corporate email, a management system or implementing a CRM solution. This transformation begins with a change in the company’s own mentality, moving towards a model of innovation and efficiency.
  • People and groups: All change must start with the people and groups that are part of the company. Having employees capable of understanding the advantages of new solutions, processes and systems is a key factor in the implementation of new technologies.
  • Leadership: A factor of extreme importance is how the leaders of the company position themselves regarding digital transformation. They must believe deeply in the process and transmit it to the rest of the employees. Team, area or department managers should set an example and support the top-down strategy.
  • Environment: Collaboration environments, videoconference rooms, instant communication tools, are technologies that, if used appropriately, are capable of optimizing the work of teams, eliminating barriers of distance and favouring mobility.

How Does The Impact Of Technology Affect The Business In SME?

There are those who affirm that, as a result of technological innovations, in recent years society has changed more than in recent centuries. What was once the “industrial economy” is now called “digital economy“. Without detracting from the important advances that humanity has experienced throughout its history, the truth is that new technologies have brought about a radical change in the way of doing business, with its benefits and drawbacks. Not all sectors have been equally involved, but broadly speaking, how does the impact of technology affect SMEs?

Many SMEs Resist Change

The pace of technological change is causing the end of many small businesses that have failed to adapt and respond to the new environment.

Although it is increasingly evident that new technologies are a great ally for business management, in Spain, we are still quite behind the rest of Europe.

The lack of training and information, and the ignorance of the real utility and applications of technologies, make many companies even today reluctant to implement technology as a key strategic element in their businesses.

Looking At Technology With Different Eyes

A change in mentality is necessary in small and medium-sized companies in order to survive the new times.

New technologies like AI are not the enemy, but rather help for your business, allowing you to generate greater profitability, optimize work processes and, ultimately, contribute to making your company more competitive.

Either we start to look with different eyes and learn how to harness technology to benefit our business, or we will be left behind in this unstoppable era.


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