Digital B2B Marketing

Digital B2B Marketing: Does Digital Marketing Help Increase B2B Sales?

Digital B2B Marketing: According to data from Forrester (2017), 68% of buyers prefer to do research online, and even 60% do not want to interact with the commercial. Continuing with this study, 62% of buyers make their list of suppliers only based on the information obtained on the internet.

Thanks to the generalization and democratization of information through the Internet, both in search engines and in social networks, customers no longer make the purchase decision based on the information they receive from the company that wants to sell to them, but instead investigate for their own account, about the company, its products or services.

If your company is not present at the time of the information search and, therefore, has not been one of those selected, you have lost a sales opportunity.

Although it is true that all companies have a website, profiles on social networks, etc., there are still few that are firmly committed to digitization and its benefits.

What Is The Main Objective Of B2B Digital Marketing?

96% of b2b companies that invest in digital marketing do so to SELL.

And it will be much easier to sell if the potential client contacts us than if we are the ones who contact him.

How Do We Get Them To Contact Us?

The professional purchase is much more rational and conservative than the personal one, since either you are an employee who answers to a superior, or you are the owner of the company, and the objective of the purchase is to improve the company’s performance.

In order for them to contact us, we must not only be appropriate to their interests, but they must also perceive us as trustworthy, since the purchase is rational and, therefore, it must be low risk.

How to be present when they need us and, in addition, make us impact them with messages that position us as a company that can be trusted?:

As an Online Marketing Consultant, we are committed to content marketing to capture valuable leads in B2B.

Content Marketing Procedure

For this we must generate content of great value for our potential buyers: news, financial possibilities of the purchase, our own studies of the sector, etc.. all this through articles, videos, infographics, etc.

  • 1st Investigation:

      • Buyers’ interests.
      • Media where they are informed (blogs, magazines, social networks, YouTube).
      • Most significant keywords.
      • Analysis of the competition.
      • search volumes
      • Opportunities
  • 2nd Planning:

    • Based on previous analysis
    • Setting long and medium-term goals
    • Scheduling of content for the next 12 months
    • Resource endowment.

This phase is where we also define the buyer person as “a semi-fictitious representation of your ideal clients”. Knowing our buyers helps us throughout the process of creating and disseminating content and thus seducing them into buying from us. Let us remember that at the beginning of this article we indicated the importance of being trustworthy: for this, we must know “how they think and/or act”.

  • 3rd Definition of the objectives for each content :

Once the research is done, we plan different contents and, for each of them, we will determine objectives, the number of visits obtained, contacts, engagement, etc. For this, in addition, we will determine the corresponding KPIs

  • 4th Content creation:

We determine what type of content is the most appropriate to achieve the set objectives: Post, advertorial, video, or webinar. infographic. It is also at this point that we decide what the keywords are for this content.

  • 5th Dissemination of content:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • email marketing
  • Social networks, especially LinkedIn
  • 6th Analysis of the results. 

We are clear that the objective of b2b digital marketing is to sell, but for this, we must establish a good level of engagement with our buyer personas. That is why the exhaustive analysis of the results obtained in each of the contents launched will allow us to improve the results of the following action. For this, we will use inbound marketing techniques.


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