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Connect The Complete Probable Of Google Ads

Google Ads : Good positioning of your ads on the different web platforms will give your advertising campaigns more visibility and help you stand out from the competition. And in this objective, investing well in Google Ads is key for any business, especially when we talk about SMEs.

How To Get The Most Out Of It?

 The QDQ Group has prepared a small guide on this Google online advertising program, which allows reaching the specific target of any business at the time a search is made for a specific product or service, making it possible to attract potential customers interested in them.

These keys are part of the second Notebook of the Good Practices Manual that the company has prepared with the aim of helping SMEs to solve all their needs and doubts.

Why Should Small Businesses Use Google Ads?

Because it is a Google service and program that offers sponsored advertising to potential advertisers in one of the most powerful search engines that exist. If the goal is to geolocate an ad to reach a target audience, this tool allows you to do it efficiently and focused on a specific territory.

Thus, Google Ads allows users to be segmented according to their geolocation in relation to their proximity to a specific business, measurable within a certain radius of kilometers (adjustable by the user). In addition, it makes it easy to create ads, set budgets, optimize keywords and bids, as well as measure the effectiveness of each of the campaigns. Thanks to Google Ads you can attract traffic to the web in a fast and affordable way for an SME.

Does It Drive Business Profitability?

The accessibility of this tool means that SMEs or freelancers who have a low budget can take advantage of Google’s traffic since they can pay only for the traffic obtained in pay-per-click campaigns and without the need for graphic material. The main difference between this platform and the rest is the customer’s search intention and the reasons why the terms related to products, services, or companies have been searched.

With Google Ads, users have previously searched for these words that are likely to be associated with certain businesses, which can impact purchases.

What Kind Of Campaigns Am I Interested In?

CPC or Cost Per Click campaigns are the most used by companies since you only pay when a user clicks on the ad. Finally, the challenge of conversion, once the customer’s trust has been obtained, it requires an optimal configuration of landings so as not to lose a potential customer just before they finish making the purchase. The use of Google Ads for advertising campaigns requires controlling the rankings of ads to give the business the required boost.

An improvement in the position in the ranking does not depend solely on this factor. The decision to spend on advertising depends on each advertiser.

Quality Score or level of quality. In digital marketing, PPC is key in determining if the bid is effective for the company’s objective. Through artificial intelligence, any campaign can be optimized to obtain effective results and create ads adapted to each phase and each user profile.

How Do I Design My Own Strategy?

When the web is not optimized at the SEO level, customers and potential customers will find the business of the competition before. There are many factors that can affect the positioning of a web page, but with Google Ads campaigns the results are seen immediately.

The first thing, before launching a campaign, is to bid on the brand name and know what keywords the competition uses. In this way, businesses can attract those customers who are demanding specific products and services.

Getting a good copy/text, as well as the concordance and relevance of the ad, will be what makes the difference in relation to the competition. It is not always the person who pays the most who ranks best, but rather it is the combination of the price with the “quality” of the campaign (always according to the criteria of the Google algorithm) that wins the best positions in the auction.


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