What Are Best WordPress Themes In 2021 Check The List In Article

What Are Best WordPress Themes In 2021?

Themes are the design that determines the appearance of your website . Each of them have different styles and designs that offer a diverse experience for your users. The theme is, above all, the builder of your website that you can customize as you prefer.

You can change the color, font style and design of your website. When you customize the theme, you create the identity of the blog or brand if it is an online store. Before choosing a theme, think about the functionalities and designs that you would like to see on your website.

There is a wide variety to choose from according to your needs and for greater ease of choice, you will check here which are the best themes and plugins for WordPress today according to the approach you want to give to your website.


A plugin is an application that is attached to your WordPress platform to give you more options and functions . They are code components, that is, programs that are installed in your WordPress to perform various tasks.

The key with plugins is that you can do just about any action you can imagine. Thanks to them, WordPress works so well and gives them so much versatility that it goes beyond the realization of a simple blog.

Currently, there are more than 55,000 plugins that, practically, facilitate any need when working with this platform.

What Are The Best WordPress Themes In 2021?

You have to keep in mind that all or almost all WordPress themes and plugins have a paid version. So its function varies depending on whether you have the premium version or the free version. There is also the ability to create custom themes.

However, we are going to analyze the best WordPress themes and plugins to use for free.


The Astra template triumphed in 2021 and remains one of the most popular among SEOs for its clean code and ability to reach 100% in page speed bookmarks.

It also has a lot of design options. It comes with some “Startes Templates” in its free version that you can install with one click. You can choose templates that are built with Gutenberg or Elementor.

It is a freemium template, that is, it has a free option and another in which you have to pay to have access to greater customization.

Sydney .

With this template we will be able to do many things in its free version. It adapts to all devices so you will have no problem developing a mobile or computer website.

It has a quite practical reviews section and contains a filter to show our portfolio in an attractive way. A great option to make a personal brand blog and add social networks to it. It should also be noted that, in its free version, it has technical support.

Flash .

What is truly remarkable about this theme is that it has different versions. As you are thinking about your web page, Flash has templates to choose the structure that best suits your idea.

The theme has a very intuitive navigation system for the visiting user and is also very attractive.

Present a good design for your portfolio, with brief descriptions that are quite suggestive for the visitor. Note that it also has technical support in the free version.


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