All You Need To Know About MBA- Check The Complete Article

All You Need To Know About MBA

When you reach the end of your degree, you may be thinking about continuing your training. Frequently, the option arises to choose a master’s degree and, specifically, for those who come from the Business area, choose between this or an MBA.

The main difference between both options is that the MBAs are postgraduate degrees in Business Administration and Management where the student is trained to acquire different  managerial skills  applicable to the different areas of the company. On the other hand, a master’s or general postgraduate degree refers to any specialization we want to focus on ( Marketing ,  International Trade ,  Logistics ,  Occupational Risk Prevention ,  Cybersecurity ,  Project Management .). In this way, the MBA covers more globally content aimed at leadership positions and department management, while a general master’s degree is more oriented to the specialization of departments or functions.

The  Master in Business Administration  is a program of great international recognition and is aimed at all those who wish to specialize in business leadership and acquire the necessary tools to be an expert in business management.

The Origin Of The MBA.

The launch into the world of this postgraduate course arose from the need for a study system that would provide the necessary tools for professional development at the business level.

The  origins of the  Master in Business Administration  focus on their implementation in American universities and their consequent success. This program of higher studies spread throughout the world and was strengthened in some countries of the European continent, such as Great Britain.

This implementation goes beyond universities and currently different private centers are dedicated to the  training of business leaders in MBA.

What Is Best For You?

To answer that question, you must set some personal goals regarding your professional development. Thus, if you want to specialize in one area of ​​the company, the best option will be to choose the master that best suits your needs. On the contrary, if your purpose is to become a director of a department or manager of the company, you will need to develop certain skills and acquire knowledge through the MBA.

Let’s see more clearly the advantages of each of the options:


  • Specialization: Specific branch of knowledge within a specific area.
  • Employability:   Increase your chances of being hired and getting better remuneration than without having a specialization.
  • Change:  You can turn your professional profile around and direct your future towards new areas that require skills that you can offer. For example, a doctor can take a master’s degree in administration if he wants to dedicate himself to the management of hospitals, for example. Someone from ADE can do a postgraduate degree in hotel companies and focus their attention on entities in this sector.


International recognition: Highly demanded by employers from all over the world and multinationals.

Practical training:  Methodologies ranging from economic analysis to field work. It will make you study as much as work.

Leadership training: Learning techniques to lead and direct projects, as well as to make an optimal maintenance of them.

Contacts:  Not only in the classrooms you will find future leaders and managers of companies, but also, many MBAs hold meetings where they will introduce you to authorities from the business world and thus achieve a broad and solid contact agenda.


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