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All You Need To Know About Construction Software

Construction Software  covers multiple needs specific to the real estate industry. Save time and automate procedures thanks to an application that adapts to your needs! 

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What Is Online Construction Software?

In the 90s, architects still had to make plans on paper and pencil, today the computer has replaced this arduous task. The SaaS ( Software as a Service ) for the construction sector are an integral part of real estate today. 

With  software , project management has become easier and faster. The construction software  is an ERP system that allows the planning of resources and the integration of information in all the drawings and projects carried out. This management software  accompanies daily missions for general management.

Construction Software: Guide

There are several categories of software for the builder: global management software, quotation and billing software, site monitoring software, interior design software, architecture software, geographic information system to give a few examples. 

Benefits of using construction software

The characteristics of a  software are similar to the functionalities of ERP solutions, since they  are numerous and can automate many administrative tasks that require a lot of time.

They allow you to make better decisions to control costs and improve your financial situation. 

As teams are often mobile and present in different locations, the software facilitates communication between employees. Building solutions stored in the cloud allows you to work anywhere, anytime. 

The construction software is usually similar to the traditional business management software allows

  • make quotes,
  • purchase invoices,
  • sales invoices, 
  • follow-up of the construction process from start to finish,
  • manage a stock and warehouse management,
  • relationship management,
  • track customer payments.

Construction Software Features

Managing a complex project requires the coordination of various skills. This can cause a backlog of meetings and other actions that can overwhelm those responsible for the organization. 

This software allows to integrate important information to all the projects carried out for a strict monitoring and in real time. 

The time savings are invaluable. If, for example, a geometric shape is drawn, it can be used to represent what one wants by adding the indication of its end use. Therefore, construction software like architecture software can specify whether we want to add a door or a window. 

The  software allows you to assign dimensions and materials. In addition, these softwares allow you to obtain perfect and appreciable 3D renderings: it is possible to design straight or rounded wall lines, for example. 

It allows taking into account the risk of accident and being able to establish responsibilities and automate the transmission of files and plans.

Who Uses  Software?

The  software is intended for architects, technical construction teams, people who work in the fields of electricity or mechanics.

Why use construction software?


  • Increase productivity with better organization and time savings.
  • Optimize the management of human and material resources.
  • Simple quote management.
  • Better billing tracking.
  • Cost control.
  • Better inventory control.
  • Optimized chain management .
  • Integration of business systems .
  • Centralize supplier management.
  • Optimize order management.


  • Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right solution according to the type of business.
  • The costs of establishing such a solution (if it is not chosen well).

How To Choose A  Software?

Make sure the solution meets the needs of the business.

Check that the solution is available in SaaS mode , which facilitates integration and use of the service.

Possibility of making quotes, receipts and invoices with or without VAT.

Recent software (less than two years) to ensure legal compliance.


Feel free to try the software before purchasing.

Request a quote according to your needs to know the final price.

Most Used Construction Software



Cloud ERP,

ArchiCAD – Revit,



Rhino 3D,



Microssoft dynamics GP,


Sap Business One.



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