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3 Steps To Improve Company Cybersecurity

3 Steps To Improve Company Cybersecurity : Cybersecurity poses a constant threat. And even more so now that companies throughout the area are opting for a hybrid work model, in which some of the employees have already returned to the offices while others continue to telecommute.

Three steps to improve the cybersecurity of hybrid business models The steps to follow to improve the security of companies after the pandemic and the start of hybrid work are;

Reduce Shadow IT

Most companies had not previously had a similar number of employees telecommuting to the current one. Invisible IT has grown exponentially, either because companies don’t have the systems in place to fully support a virtual workforce, or because employees have chosen to use consumer applications for business purposes. 

To regain control of data that is no longer contained within traditional walls, IT teams must ensure that employees are aware of best practices for connecting and saving files via company-provided services or virtual private network (VPN). Moreover, cloud environments protected by passwords and by the security of the company must be mandatory when it comes to saving corporate files, Cybersecurity poses a constant threat. And even more so now that companies throughout the area are opting for a hybrid working model.

Manage Devices

Closely related to the expansion of invisible IT is the fact that employees may be using personal devices to get work done when not in the office. Any company that has to opt for an extended period of remote work must offer secure devices to prevent employees from storing potentially sensitive data on unprotected devices. Also, while updating passwords is a way to quickly improve security, implementing the double authentication process on all corporate devices is very useful if we want to make the company less attractive to cybercriminals.

Make Backup And Protect It

This is the simplest rule of cybersecurity. If we do not backup, the data is not protected. We cannot backup data stored outside the company. In that case, we will not be able to recover that data if there is a system outage caused by a cyber attack. By reducing invisible IT, companies can increase the amount of data they are able to protect. But let’s not forget that companies must ensure that data stored within the traditional four walls is also backed up. This includes cloud-based applications like Microsoft Office365 and OneDrive, which don’t automatically back up data, meaning it can be left unprotected.

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