Technology Trends To Boost Business

Technology Trends To Boost Business In 2021

In this article, we’re discussing about technology trends to boost business in 2021.

In the coming months we will undoubtedly see new innovations with the potential to transform many aspects of the business and, therefore, knowing where progress is heading is essential to predict the future of the company and determine what changes are necessary to improve your business.

Blockchain: Among The Most Important Technological Trends Of The Past Year That Will Mark 2021

Blockchain is a list of records connected by cryptography that enables decentralized ownership and improves data security . Blockchain has long captured the attention of analysts and business executives alike and is considered a revolutionary technology trends as it has the potential to completely change the way companies in all industries do business, not just financially. Rather, its capabilities in other areas are being studied.

In September of last year, being considered one of the biggest technology trends. Gartner analysts investigated the development of blockchain in different industries and presented the Hype Cycle for this innovation, revealing that “its impact will be transformative in most of the companies. industries within five to ten years. ‘

In fact, it can already be verified that the predictions have been fulfilled, since this technology has exceeded the peak of expectations and, surely, it will continue to surprise since, it is expected that, in 2021, the uses of Blockchain will have to do with:

  • Assurance of digital assets . Blockchain enables companies to transmit sensitive data to a circle of trust while increasing the speed of query processing, a highly desirable application for many industries where immediacy is synonymous with advantage.
  • Smart contracts . Information security is of vital importance to companies when signing contracts and conducting transactions. Thanks to the immutability and irreversibility of Blockchain, companies can secure transactions and improve their efficiency.
  • Supply chain management. Blockchain allows multiple people to access the same database, increasing transparency in supply chains, increasing the robustness of information, and preventing fraud and theft.

According to data from Deloitte , most companies are prioritizing their Blockchain implementations, concentrating on introducing improvements to the supply chain (53%) and taking advantage of the Internet of Things (51%). 

4 Other Innovations That Will Boost Your Business In 2021

In addition to considering incorporating Blockchain into your business strategy, there are some of the technological trends that will be consolidated in 2021 . These are advances to take into account, such as:

Augmented and virtual reality. IDC predicts that global revenues in this area will grow broadly into 2021, at a compound annual growth rate of more than 181%. Immersive advancements will profoundly impact a wide variety of businesses and possibly change the way they operate, improving their internal efficiency and lowering business operating expenses . 

Some of the industry sectors that are leveraging these technologies and exploring all options are those that can least afford losses such as transportation, manufacturing, and the healthcare industry.

Advances that facilitate alignment with the new ethics and digital privacy standards . Information confidentiality is a growing concern for both individuals and organizations and it is the latter who must show their proactive efforts to curb privacy issues if they wish to gain and maintain the trust of their customers.

In fact, Gartner has identified digital ethics and privacy as one of the top strategic technology trends in 2021 , and it looks like it will continue to be a priority for years to come. Another growing trend regarding corporate data privacy is for companies to strengthen their security in the cloud.

5G networks . It is the fifth generation mobile technology capable of offering a smoother experience, with higher speed and reduced latency. The positive changes that come with 5G are hard to miss. The speed offered by this technology will improve the efficiency of online tasks that could otherwise be interrupted by a slow Internet connection. 

It can also provide a better remote work and collaboration experience. With the help of 5G, it will be easier for companies to achieve business agility, as well as simplify the connection, sharing and participation of teams. The race to implement and optimize 5G is predicted to intensify throughout 2021 .

Telematics Telematics is the latest trend where it identifies cars, buses etc using GPS technology. It tracks the vehicles thereby improves the fuel Efficiency.

Fleet management is the process where it minimizes the risks during transportation and also cuts the extra cost involved in the process. 


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