All You Need To Know About Cloud services Check The Article

All You Need To Know About Cloud Services?

The benefits of cloud storage services are many.  We have  own data center located in most places  and equipped with the most avant-garde technology in terms of security. Therefore, the stored information is safe from potential cyberattacks. Something fundamental for companies, which tend to handle sensitive information.

On the other hand, cloud services allow  access to information stored in real time , which significantly improves productivity.

And, finally, it represents a great saving in economic terms since the company does not need to incorporate all-terrain hardware to store the information. To this must be added the fact that cloud storage services are flexible.

The Best Cloud Storage Services

Next we are going to review which are the  best cloud storage services . They all have a free plan, which offers a certain GB of capacity. If you want to expand the available space, the services offer different payment plans.

Amazon Cloud Drive

One of the best cloud services, from Amazon. The initial plan allows you to store an unlimited number of photos and also offers  5 GB of capacity  for other types of files.


If we talk about cloud storage services, this is one of the best that exist today. One of the main advantages it offers is its  security.  It is available in English and the free version offers a total of  10 GB of capacity .


One of the most popular and robust services is Dropbox. The free plan offers a fairly limited storage capacity, but can be expanded by sharing the service; just invite other users to join Dropbox to do so. It is usually used especially when working in a team.

Google Drive

One of the star products of Google, and that comes installed as standard in Android and Chrome. Its advantages are many. The storage space in the free version is considerable and, in addition, it allows the  editing of documents online between several users . Document sharing is very easy. one of the preferred options by users and companies.


This cloud service belongs to Microsoft, and is one of the most complete. In its free version, it offers several GB of capacity to store documents and other files. In addition, it  allows you to share and edit files with Microsoft Office. If you are interested in a Microsoft 365 business plan, where you will find One Drive and other applications, you can take a look at our Microsoft 365 plans


This cloud storage service is intended for Apple users only  . One of its main advantages is that it is very complete; You can store all kinds of information in the cloud: calendars, contacts, documents, videos


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