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Business Leadership: 6 Strategies And Tips To Promote It

Business leadership is not exercised by itself. In addition to a person with certain characteristics and skills, strategies are needed to shape and condition it to the needs of each organization.

What Is A Leader?

Everyone knows what leadership is,  but few people can explain what it really means. 

Leadership as a managerial function is no longer limited to top officials. Each one has its own leadership style,  some adapt it depending on the task to be carried out and the objectives to be achieved. It is only the culture and goals of an organization that determines what type of leadership suits the company.

Does that still make them leaders? Maybe not, since a leader is someone who does more than just lead people. They must be driven by the right motivation and have a positive impact on those around them.

It is not enough to be able to motivate; Leaders must be empathetic and connect with their team members to be successful.

Each of them has its benefits and drawbacks. Also, depending on workers and work methods, one leadership style may be more appropriate than another. Some of the most representative classical styles of leadership are:

Autocratic leadership. These authoritarian leaders like to be in control and feel like they have power. They are the ones who make the decisions and do not usually take into consideration the opinions of others. 

This type of conduct tends to create a work environment of tension and little participation. However, it also creates a well-organized work environment and enables quick decision-making.

Democratic Leadership

They are people who take into account the opinions of others, which is why they value them positively and motivate their workers to participate. However, he also knows that he is ultimately responsible for the decisions made and the repercussions they have.

Participatory leadership offers the opportunity to have a broader point of view before making decisions, favors the creation of solid working groups and encourages initiative at the individual level, and contributes to generating links between the members of the group. These are just some of the advantages offered by the most democratic leadership style since the leader takes into account the opinions of the rest of the group. This style fosters a positive, participatory and collaborative work environment, but it entails time for a consultation that, on occasion, can be negative for the company.

How To Develop Business Leadership?

The first theories about leadership affirmed that the ability to lead was innate to the person, who was born a leader. However, current theories confirm that the leader is made and not born.. But how to do it?

The multiple needs of companies have caused strategies to be a good leader to proliferate. In this list, we include six:

  • Emotional balance:

The figure of the energetic leader has gone out of style. Leadership is not enhanced by ironclad decisions that seek to intimidate or generate fear. On the contrary, it is strengthened by achieving a balance in the emotions that support the decisions.

  • Motivation:

In situations of internal crisis or low productivity, teams need the encouragement of a good leader more than ever. 

  • Justice and weighting:

These qualities are usually especially valued by work teams, whose work is constantly evaluated and monitored. It is the criterion and not the position that must prevail when weighing the results.

  • Minimize hierarchies:

Simply, it is about establishing a more direct relationship with the people who make up the work teams. The further away the leader appears, the less entity his figure will have.

  • Give example:

For example, if he talks about the planning and its benefits, he can’t be late for meetings. Leadership is a quality that is demonstrated day by day and in the first person.

  • Optimism and reality:

Or what is the same, setting goals but without running out of a compass? Who is willing to follow a leader who has completely lost his bearings and sense of timing? Leadership is only strengthened if the decisions that are made have a strong anchor in reality and are viable.

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