What Are The Best PDF Converters Check The Complete Article

What Are The Best PDF Converters?

In this article, we discuss about best PDF Converters. Do you need to edit a PDF document? You may have realized that it is not an easy task, since, in itself, it is a non-editable format. PDF is a format created by Adobe and whose acronym in English stands for Portable Document Format and its main function is read-only.

This makes it difficult to find programs that can edit it, and the best way is to convert them to an editable format like Word. There are different programs with which you can perform this task, and in this article we bring you the best PDF converters on the market, so that you can edit all your documents without any restrictions.

The best thing is that these tools are free and you can convert from one format to another without restrictions.

Top 4 Of The Best PDF Converters

PDF element

This innovative program is a very complete editor, which, among its functions, has to convert PDF documents to Word and vice versa. It is known among users as the best PDF editor that you can get on the market today and the full version has a very affordable price; however, with the free version, which you can have on your PC without a time limit, you have the converter option available, which you can use as many times as you want. It is one of the best PDF converters.

It also has other options, such as adding images, texts, extracting forms, changing properties and even reducing the size of PDFs so that they do not take up so much space on your devices. It also has the OCR function, which allows you to extract the text from scanned PDFs, so that you can edit them using Word.

Nuance Power PDF

It is another program similar to PDF element, which also integrates the conversion function and has practically the same functions as the previous program, with the difference that it allows you to take voice notes and side-by-side comparisons of the files. 

This converter is available for $ 99, which keeps it below PDF element, which still has a lower price in its Standard version and allows you to convert PDF with the free version.

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PDF Converter Pro

This program allows you to convert multiple PDF files to Word in batch, which makes it an excellent option if all you want to do with your files is convert them to be able to edit them in Word. However, if you want to make edits directly to the PDF version, you will not be able to because it does not have the interface.

Foxit Phantom PDF

This is another PDF converter that also has other functions, such as annotating, highlighting text and adding comments, but you really can’t do much else. The conversion function is available with the Standard version and it is also available if you download the free version.

Another function that it has is to add digital signatures to the documents you edit, like other platforms, it will save the signature for when you want to reuse it. It is a very simple tool to use, but it is not the most complete and, if you want to make an edition greater than the PDF versions, you will see that it is not possible to make too many changes.


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